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God The Holder Of The Sea Or Sagaradhar - Poem by Saiom Shriver

Roman toga sand goldfringed
Crowned by the starry sky
Most stay on evergreen shore
Few everblue depths explore.

She's garbed in selfweaved seaweed
Garlanded by coral reefs
Starfish shod to copy heaven
Turquoise skirts.. wave slips neath.

Like rubies in rose velvet
Like stars in saffron billows
Like miracle: fall's cherries
in pink spring blooming pillows

Are the quintillion mirrors
Of sun diamonds on an azure sea
Bright rhinestone constellations
Heralds of eternity.

Rose at dawn Then silver morn
Sunset pink aft bright blue noon
Violet throne of King Neptune
Arises in joy to greet orange moon.

Of fingered wind: wavestringed harp
Where aqua meets the deep blue sea.
Ever amphitheatre of
seagull noted symphony.

Whispers in waning wavelets
Thunders in the roaring surf.
Yet secrets with her safest.
Dips bubbling stream to quiet mirth.

Anantarup where sky meets air
Ekanath the surf beneath
Babel tower above bequeathed
Mouni sadhu neath sea heath.

Those who thoughtless rape her shores
Destroy terns' nests near the lagoons
Water skiers and propellers
smash her floating nests of loons.

Sends dolphin harmers tidal waves
.. Some fishermen's final grave
Gently kissing concave naves
All water to the Sun she gave.

In shallows shelters shellfish shy
Hid Moby Dick from harpoon
Her Royal Lowness gainst longlines
vented fury in typhoon

Globed dewdrops seem strangely flat
on rim of Rama's rinsing bowl.
Calling ever to her brooks...
The whole world's
Begging Bowl

Only mother whale empire
Only bed for longflight birds
Keeps clams not half but wholeshelled
Guardian of fossil ferns.

Bathes sweet shrimps with eyes on stalks
Crab crib and Jellyfish cradle
Octopi and penguins
Polar bears and pelicans

Swimmers few feet strive while her
currents thousand miles flow
Playground of the dolphin's dive
Fish avenger: undertow

Some who tried to mine her gems
The temple desecrated
By their own deeds they were made
Mariners marinated.

Ferments to ambrosia'd cup
tears merging in her crucible'd vale
Fearful thunderhead cloudmaker
Of Arjun's canyon features.. the harem veil

Sheath of archipelago
Shround of wartime submarines
Eire's and Britain's inbetween
belching factories' latrine

Deliverer of ancient
corked bottle tidings.
Monthly ecstasy
with full moon tiding

Tolstoy said Red Sea parting
was conception of Virgin Mary
Stella'd Mare aster'd sea
Only God can hold her.

Breakers turning into glass
Looking glass which never breaks
Premsagar Varunishwar
Neptune soothing heartbreak aches

Mother of dewdrop and Great Lake Erie
cascades whirlpools and blowing bubbles
rapids fountains underground streams
ponds creeks brooks and swelling puddles

Snowflake could not heights maintain
ended in the humble sea
Rajas saw her restless waves
Sattva her deep serenity.

East Avatar sun linga births
West she Surya swallows
Only Hara can pierce her deeps
Reflects all in kind shallows

Only purest and strongest blooms
On her tears can grow
Only sannyasi blossomings
on her can rootless flow

By Malaysia she's Malaysian
By Chile Atlantic
In the bays she's specific
In Korea, she's Pacific

Her child clouds give all to drink
Yet none can sip her briny brink
except that Neelakanta poison takes
And turns venom into nectar.

Always sweeping twigs to shore
Holds not wake ire of boats
Stream filth turned to purity
In peace all who touch her float.

Daily her blue the
orange sun births
Watch him rising
on her horizon

Palms to her
do padnamaskar
Beneath the dome of
sparkling stars

Setting for calligraphy
of flying birds' seaward poem
Playground of those who roam
Highway of ships bound for home.

Turns angry crimson lava
into green glass jewels
For her tiniest crabs
gives wading tidal pools

Chanting Jesus In Brazil
Je said by her inwaves
Sus by her
receding outwaves

Neath Egypt's stars
sings Allah Akbar
Israeli sea shallows
shshsh shalom
Round India she
chants omkar.

Her unrippled surface
reflecting doubles you.
In her rocky shores
her surf does bubble you.

On mountaintop slowly
millenial temple to Poseidon
while the deity below
on everblue waves is riding.

Snows at sea fall quiet flaked
melting designs merge into One
Frozen demon meeting Lord
Iceberg melts in liquid love

Turning rocks to rookeries
Gently carving rocky caves
Sculpting scallop shelters
These watermarks she gave.

She the master of humility
She the mother of all rain
She is the eternal Main
off the rocky coast of Maine

Excitement at the first sight
of friendSHIP on the ecstaSEA
and the soulfilling first smell.....
remembered past infinity

Redundancy of rain at sea
her power's U-turned showers
where the saintly little drop
becomes one with all God's power

Attracts one and everyone
out of fragments.. alchemized whole
always full YET EVER GIVES


Dedicated to D and P Wilson

Ambrosia: the nectar of immortality
Anantarup: God whose form is infinity or infinite varieties
of form
Arjun's veil reference to the hero of the Bhagavad Gita
who hid in a harem for a year at God's direction as he prepared to fight a war.
Avatar: God the Father coming to earth Himself
Ekanath: God whose form is everywhere one
Hara is the 3rd person of the Hindu trinity or Shiva
Linga or Ling: An orb which contains the gate between form and formless
Um: One of many words for the yin energy of the 3rd person of the Hindu trinity
Mouni: Sanskrit for silent sadhu: spiritual disciple
Neelakanta: Shiva in his aspect of drinking the karmic poison of the world. The poison makes His throat blue. Neela blue.. Kanta throated
Padnamaskar: touching the feet of the guru
Premsagar: Prem Love Sagar Sea
Rajas: Sanskrit for passionate action
Sagara: Sanskrit for ocean Sagaradhar: God as holder of the Sea
Sai Baba is the origin of the statements that the ocean
is always sweeping twigs to shore and that she is
always chanting Om
Sannyasi: a monk who renounces family, possessions, home
and all desire motivated action
Sattva: Sanskrit for goodness
Stella Mare: Star of the Sea
Surya: Sanskrit for the sun
Varunishwar: Sanskrit for God in aspect of Lord of The Seas
Author notes

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