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  • 301.
    A lucky me!

    As a dark August went by without much fanfare,

    And a bright September stepped in demure,

    I was blessed to have a sacred start,

    Each day with bird songs

    As I woke up to a new dawn,

    I hear on an early September morn,

    The harbinger of good luck,

    Singing gluck, gluck, gluck…

    A cloudy sky,

    Brief spells of shower,

    With mercury touching 30 degree Celsius,

    That's what the weather forecast had to say,

    Heaven-sent, it is a bright sunny day

    For my birdie to play

    In my garden

    Hopping from one bough to the other,

    Like a trapeze artiste,

    Sometimes relaxing

    On my coconut and jackfruit

    Sometimes singing

    On my mahogany and mango,

    While at times performing

    On my wood apple

    I see it,

    Fluttering its copper-brown wings,

    In the September sun

    With eyes like little red cherries,

    And a black pepper in the centre,

    Searching for insects on my gooseberry,

    A gentleman-like gait with a dark brown coat,

    Foot by foot,

    Your calls are loud and distinct,

    Note by note,

    The morning air echoes,

    With sonorous calls

    Gluck, gluck, gluck…

    Perched on the branches

    Of wind-swept fronds,

    Without any flocks,

    You walk alone,

    Engaged in your work,

    I am fortunate and blessed,

    To savour these kind nature's favours,

    And to have you

    Here in my little backyard! read more »

  • 302.
    Ground Zero

    Antigua, Anguilla, St Lucia, Virgin Islands, Guadeloupe and Trinidad
    Antilles of azure warm Caribbean Waters
    And Antilles of the Americas.
    Antilles of the Carnivalesque and marinas with white yachts at rest, read more »

  • 303.
    A Bad Day In September

    People woke up on a September day
    Not knowing what price they would pay
    The Twin Towers stood so tall
    Who ever knew they would fall read more »

  • 304.
    Patriotic Lies

    You sit pondering, thinking slowly
    About the things that have been done
    You can't help but doubting
    That this war can actually be won read more »

  • 305.
    Scarlett September

    Breathing the scent of September
    The flawed fairy tale I always remember
    With whom I placed my hidden treasure
    Nothing to gain but thorny pleasure read more »

  • 306.
    A Year Later

    Freshman year, cool September morn',
    A day which brings despair.
    Two warriors standing proud and tall,
    Struck down by eagles of the enemy. read more »

  • 307.
    Pledge Allegiance

    I pledge allegiance to this land
    Where heroes protect every woman and man
    The flag that represents freedom and choice
    The flag that gives us all a free voice read more »

  • 308.
    September To Remember

    The month of perfection has come for the sons and daughters of zion to possess their possession,
    with the understanding that September is a month like no other month to remember in the history of histories for those who believe in the word of the lord.
    The month of fulfilment has come for the children and people of God to possess and inherit the land whereon their feet have trodden upon,
    with the knowledge that September is a month like no other month to remember in the season of seasons for God's promises to be fulfilled in the lives of those that wait upon him. read more »

  • 309.
    Holy September

    A kiss on the lips of today
    For stepping into tommorow.
    The blinds are closed for now.
    Don't sell yourself for sorrow. read more »

  • 310.
    The September Month

    The month of September

    Special and dear read more »

  • 311.
    Sweet September Showers

    Sweet September showers,
    Not quite winter yet,
    Not quite Autumn either,
    But Summer has definitely left. read more »

  • 312.

    In a week the trees
    Changed from green
    to yellow, to orange
    to reds and browns read more »

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