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Poems About: SHOPPING

In this page, poems on / about “shopping” are listed.

  • 337.
    Her Shopping Expedition

    She picked up the bags which contained all her shopping,
    Trying to carry them along without dropping
    The contents. Hoping the handles wouldn't give way,
    Spreading her purchases around on display. read more »

    Ernestine Northover
  • 338.
    .15) November Crossing, Berkeley

    I stand and wait for the light to change
    at University and San Pablo, read more »

    Max Reif
  • 339.
    Pavement(sidewalk) Eyes

    In a rumble tumble morning
    After an evenings firelight glow
    Prayers are left unanswered
    From a God who didn't show read more »

    Bill Smith
  • 340.

    I often walk from market to my home
    through chinese shop matters which sold; gold read more »

    Prasetya Utama
  • 341.
    Hide And Seek

    They were playing shopkeeper's game in my parking lot,
    Decorated a little corner with little dolls, little kites, little toys,
    And every little thing they got,
    Making innocent moves, in a round circle they sat, read more »

    Ashish Ram
  • 342.
    World's worst barber

    People hate me because I'm the world's worst barber.
    They have grudges that they harbor. read more »

    Randy Johnson
  • 343.

    Clouds, a cold november sky,
    She sits alone on the crowded bus.
    A world goes by, places farmiliar
    Only as the scenes of a well worn route. read more »

    Ailbhe Cullen
  • 344.
    Walking With A Ghost

    tracing back the steps of my youth
    cycling along what was the old tram route
    and now is a park
    into the city I grew up in read more »

    jkd jkd
  • 345.
    Busy Town

    Suburban streets filled with baseball hats
    People living in suburban flats
    Cobweb shops filled with queues
    People rushing round wearing out shoes read more »

    David Harris
  • 346.
    The 'Poem A Day' Project ~ Day 168

    I need a pint of milk, my fridge’s run dry
    So set out to the shops, a pint of milk to buy
    On the way I nip into a shop with a sale on
    Just to have a look around I wont be there long read more »

    Flying Lemming
  • 347.
    Friday Night Shopping

    I went to do the shopping at the Supermarket Store
    Couldn't find a trolley - so hunted round some more:
    I dashed around the car park searching every trolley bay
    And at last, with the one with the wonky wheel, I was on my way! read more »

    Jackie Holland
  • 348.
    When The Harvest Comes

    Some people work in a factory called a sweat shop,
    They work from sunrise till after dark, and don't stop.
    The blind man lives by himself in a room,
    He cannot see, so each day is filled with gloom. read more »

    T. Michael Francis
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