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In this page, poems on / about “shopping” are listed.

  • 37.
    The Bachelor's Soliloquy

    To wed, or not to wed; that is the question;
    Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
    The bills and house rent of a wedded fortune,
    Or to say "nit" when she proposes, read more »

  • 38.
    Riot Act, April 29, 1992

    I'm going out and get something.
    I don't know what.
    I don't care.
    Whatever's out there, I'm going to get it. read more »

  • 39.
    Australian Engineers

    Ah, well! but the case seems hopeless, and the pen might write in vain;

    The people gabble of old things over and over again. read more »

  • 40.
    The City of the Dead XX

    Yesterday I drew myself from the noisome throngs and proceeded into the field until I reached a knoll upon which Nature had spread her comely garments. Now I could breathe.

    I looked back, and the city appeared with its magnificent mosques and stately residences veiled by the smoke of the shops. read more »

  • 41.
    The Lake Isle

    O God, O Venus, O Mercury, patron of thieves,
    Give me in due time, I beseech you, a little tobacco-shop,
    With the little bright boxes
    piled up neatly upon the shelves read more »

  • 42.
    Albert and His Savings

    One day, little Albert Ramsbottom
    To see 'ow much money 'e'd got
    Stuck a knife in 'is money-box slot 'ole
    And fiddled and fished out the lot. read more »

  • 43.

    In the prologue to the Masnavi Rumi hailed Love and its sweet madness that heals all infirmities, and he exhorted the reader to burst the bonds to silver and gold to be free. The Beloved is all in all and is only veiled by the lover. Rumi identified the first cause of all things as God and considered all second causes subordinate to that. Human minds recognize the second causes, but only prophets perceive the action of the first cause. One story tells of a clever rabbit who warned the lion about another lion and showed the lion his own image in a well, causing him to attack it and drown. After delivering his companions from the tyrannical lion, the rabbit urges them to engage in the more difficult warfare against their own inward lusts. In a debate between trusting God and human exertion, Rumi quoted the prophet Muhammad as saying, "Trust in God, yet tie the camel's leg."8 He also mentioned the adage that the worker is the friend of God; so in trusting in providence one need not neglect to use means. Exerting oneself can be giving thanks for God's blessings; but he asked if fatalism shows gratitude.

    God is hidden and has no opposite, not seen by us yet seeing us. Form is born of the formless but ultimately returns to the formless. An arrow shot by God cannot remain in the air but must return to God. Rumi reconciled God's agency with human free will and found the divine voice in the inward voice. Those in close communion with God are free, but the one who does not love is fettered by compulsion. God is the agency and first cause of our actions, but human will as the second cause finds recompense in hell or with the Friend. God is like the soul, and the world is like the body. The good and evil of bodies comes from souls. When the sanctuary of true prayer is revealed to one, it is shameful to turn back to mere formal religion. Rumi confirmed Muhammad's view that women hold dominion over the wise and men of heart; but violent fools, lacking tenderness, gentleness, and friendship, try to hold the upper hand over women, because they are swayed by their animal nature. The human qualities of love and tenderness can control the animal passions. Rumi concluded that woman is a ray of God and the Creator's self. read more »

  • 44.
    Mulga Bill's Bicycle

    'Twas Mulga Bill, from Eaglehawk, that caught the cycling craze;
    He turned away the good old horse that served him many days;
    He dressed himself in cycling clothes, resplendent to be seen;
    He hurried off to town and bought a shining new machine; read more »

  • 45.
    California Winter

    It is winter in California, and outside
    Is like the interior of a florist shop:
    A chilled and moisture-laden crop
    Of pink camellias lines the path; and what read more »

  • 46.
    American Feuillage

    AMERICA always!
    Always our own feuillage!
    Always Florida's green peninsula! Always the priceless delta of read more »

  • 47.
    Christmas - A Little Friend's Poem - Written By Amy Boothby, aged 10

    Are you...........
    ready for Christmas? , to decorate the tree, read more »

  • 48.
    To Any Dead Officer

    Well, how are things in Heaven? I wish you’d say,
    Because I’d like to know that you’re all right.
    Tell me, have you found everlasting day,
    Or been sucked in by everlasting night? read more »

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