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Available Entertainment Here In Animal Land! - Poem by Jan Freundschuh

There are things we can do here
That we cannot do in the AfterLife.

That is because these are 'animal behaviors'
That are driven, unbeknownst to us
By animal drives.

Let's take a look,
(Discern the drives that we obey) :

There's hunting, for the males,
And fighting the competition:
We are busy 'bringing home the bacon'
And besting our enemies,
Who'd love to take our territory.

To keep our energy high, when no enemy face is seen,
We've sports to do or cheer for
(All those feelings have to go somewhere) .

For the ladies?
Shopping.....a 'discerning' kind of shopping,
Sops up some of that 'gathering' instinct.

Then both genders feel a need to advertise
Their charms to the opposite sex.
This keeps hair salons in business.
Fancy cars that are faster than speed limits allow
..Make a good piece of boasting...
...Showing off..... to catch female eyes.
The ladies have little choice,
Driven by barely heard whispers inside,
But to take notice of the 'bad boys'
Who seem to have those
High status genes.
And the males will be noticing waist hip proportions, as
Females who die in childbirth don't
Add to progeny number count.

Then, courting will coat the minds of
All concerned
With honey, hard to see beyond.
Then the ladies will fall for the big-eyed
Helplessly wobbly babies that result,
And the men will have proved potency
And may take some pleasure in this, until
A personal relationship has a chance to

And both genders will
And both genders will
Leap, and
As mammal's bodies were built
To do.

These are the things we won't easily do
In the AfterLife.
This is what entranced us....
This, the appeal
Of Animal Land!

Of course, we are made of much more than this.
We have other drives,
(Many of us)
And we can express much of these here
(Perhaps perfect them later in
AfterLife's astral planes) :

We react to the arts.
We organize, create systems.
We Invent.
We even try to nurture and heal
Those who are not family,
Those who are as 'strangers in a strange land.'

These drives will seem even more compelling
when we're without our
Flesh bodies;
They are 'of the mind'
And mind is less encumbered in the

The arts and the sciences
Will be seen as having greater urgency
By those who are dis-incarnate.
They will move heaven and earth
To reach those of like mind
Still embodied....
....'Channeling' ideas to
Us, here in Animal Land,
(They want these ideas
To be put to good use) .
Ego satisfaction's
But a thin gruel there,
As we take all the credit.....
....Here it's our favorite pig roast!

Everyone is different.
Some adore Animal Land.
Others try to recreate wisdoms
They developed in the AfterLife
(Before they came to 'try again') .

Try again?

Try what again?

How to be full of Animal Land drives,
Yet learn to 'harness'
Not be run away with!

We're all Charioteers-in-Training!
With many wild, wild horses to train.

Yet there is nothing more glorious,
On Earth or in Heaven,
Than the human who can race these trained horses.....
Horses who've learned to run....
(Cooperating with the driver....)
Horses that have learned
The willingness
To slow down,
....To a quiet stop.

With 'run'' and 'halt' an equal joy
One is finally
The Player Of The Game,
No longer a plaything,
A prey thing
Of Animal drives.

And this is the Ph.D thesis,
The graduation requirement,
For our advanced students
In Animal Land

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