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The Stuff You Do. - Poem by Kristen Fudge

your selfish.
your horrible.
your hated
no wonder your faded?
from what you did to me and the others
were sick of you
from the stuff you put us all through.
we dont want the beats
we dont want the insults
we want the girl that was so happy and so pure
now your misery depresses us all
but now im thinking its your turn, to finally fall.
We've tried to help
but you wouldnt let us in
this is what you get
now you know the pain we were in.
you made us feel like we had no one there
a sister, without a care
from the beats you put on my skin
from the insults you said to mother
and yet, you say you care
you dont, you never did, and you never will, ever!
no wonder your ill!
your sick of yourself, as much as we are.
im glad your falling apart, i hope you like this poem
cause soon your going to be on your own when you roam
you wont have no one to call
not one to turn to
i hope you fall.
i hope you die.
From a life that you say you hate
well i guess this is true
you have no fate
and the worst thing is
you have no family
whos there to blame?
whos fault is it this time? .
I know your upset about the divorce
but that was 8 years ago, you got to let it go
your hurting yourself
not to mention others
but we care for you
as much as you dont see it
we do.
We would like to help you
solve your anger
and your pain
you got to throw it all in the sink
and let it drain
cause the stuff you do, is just to insane
were sick of it
what you do
but just to tell the truth.
Were sick of you.

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