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Poems About: SICK

In this page, poems on / about “sick” are listed.

  • 337.
    When I Am

    when i am feeling blue,
    the only person i want around is u,
    when i am sick and dull,
    i want u and thats all, read more »

    adiyah brooks
  • 338.
    Finally she asks if I am sick and dying

    How can I answer her?
    Everybody is dying
    From the moment one is born
    He begins to count his steps to his grave read more »

  • 339.
    The Missing of One

    Sick in pit of stomach, sick
    Thick thoughts of trips gone so quick
    Photo trick, when album flicked
    Sit n flick, bit by bit read more »

    Casual Diamond
  • 340.
    The Lamps Are Out

    Every now and then I open the book
    by Agee and Evans about those tenants
    in the summer of 1936 living not far
    from the geographic center read more »

    Michael Pruchnicki
  • 341.

    here i sit...
    no shit
    i am sick of it
    sick of it all read more »

    steven ray
  • 342.
    Pure Life

    He insulted me as a woman
    I was hurt deep down in my heart and soul
    I ignored him - also I could have had him fired
    His family is depending on his money read more »

    Petra Yasmeen Baroness von Schleinitz
  • 343.
    I am

    I cry out
    for a hand
    to hold
    at times like these read more »

    Ray Katherine
  • 344.
    I Want It All or Nothing At All

    I want it all or nothing at all
    Please don’t promise me roses
    Don’t promise what you cant keep
    I am sick of hearing your endless lies read more »

    Marcia Gravett
  • 345.
    Telephone Sales People.

    'You have been chosen to receive our free deal', I am sick and tired of their telephone speel.

    'You have been selected and could win a big prize',
    Sick and tired of their selling lies. read more »

    Brian Counsell
  • 346.
    * * * *

    here i sit...
    no shit
    i am sick of it
    sick of it all read more »

    steve ray
  • 347.

    I am a sick nation
    a spiteful nation
    the man underground
    has nothing beneath me read more »

    Jane L. Carman
  • 348.
    Sealed With A Kiss

    I'm sick of feelin' like an orphan
    Suicidal thoughts keep relapsin in my head
    Very often
    Ask anyone i know if i'm ready for my coffin read more »

    Leo Lopes
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