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Praying That You May Recover - Poem by Edward Kofi Louis

Very sick and near to death!
To lay on your sick bed hoping for your recovery;
As we pray for you my mother.
The love of life and,
The hope of the future! !
To set the house in order and,
To bring cheers to others;
But, you are now very sich and near to death.
With faces turned towards the wall;
Like the Wailing Wall,
Praying that you my recover.
Sickness! !
Making you very weak;
Unable to wake up ad walk,
Because, you are very sick and you lay near to death!
However, there is hope in Father Yahweh.
The ways of life and the muse of love,
To walk in the truth with a perfect heart;
But, in great bitterness do we pray for your health,
As you lay down on your sick bed.
Eyes have seen and ears have heard!
Of your sickness;
But, with tears in our hearts we do pray for you,
Hoping for a sign of your recovery.
The shadow of the degrees and,
The shadows of life;
With the muse of nature resting upon you,
As we hope for your recovery.
Oh life!
Show us your mercy and see to the sick;
Oh heavens! !
Hear our prayers and heal my mother;
For, our prayers go to you, Yahweh our Father.
The muse of life and the muse of the universe,
You are the Creator and You can restore life;
As the flesh toils on the earth and,
Sickness comes around.
Faith and hope!
To believe in You;
So, try to answer our prayers and heal my mother,
As she lay down on her sick bed.
The living,
Oh the living!
Life is like that at times;
But, our praises go to You our Creator,
Praying that You may heal her soon from her sick bed.
Just as it is written! !
In the book of words, peace and love;
With humility, servitude and attitude from our hearts,
As we lift up our hands towards heaven in prayers.

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