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It Was A Dream; ? - Poem by kristin kalesse

I thought I had woken up, when honestly I was still dreaming. I was dreaming of you all over again. The pain felt never ending. This may all just sound like a joke and honestly, I wish I could say I was just kidding. My love for you was like the twin towers; seemed like it took forever to built, but came crashing down, all in one morning. Looking back at everything now, makes me wonder why I put up with it all for so long. I could have been with him all along and been happy too. As I lie awake right now, I sit and think of how stupid, how naive, and how vulnerable I really was to not notice how predicable you would become. You broke me, you broke me so bad that even today, I'm still not exactly sure who I am. It makes me sick to my stomach, to look back and see how much time and love I really did put into us. You ruined us, you ruined everything, and even now; I still believe that you ruined me. You ruined me for everyone else. you made me cold, you made me heartless, you made me believe I was something so important when really, I was nothing but a toy. A toy, someone you could touch, someone you could kiss, someone you could be with whenever you felt it. You swore in the end that I meant everything but it wouldn't have gone down the way it did, if I actually meant something so important. I feel sorry for the people in my life now. Because of you, I'm so bitter, so mean, so angry when I hear so much as your name. mostly, I'm sorry for the one who respects me the most in this world, the one who has never doubted me, the one who I've never even given a PROPER chance. He deserves better then this, I cant help the way I am anymore. Just know that you make me sick; sick, sick to the point where even being friends isn't possible. Like I said, 'You broke me! ' Don't you get it? probably not.

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