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  • 109.
    Language of Silence

    a brief pause in a raging fury
    a calmness of steel in euphoric glory
    amidst the passing of gigantic ocean
    in revoking the almighty in full devotion

    a grimace of a mask to hide the pain within
    a quiet confidence after a tough win
    in the gentle fire and devouring flame
    in the glory and recall of lovely name

    in a catsatrophe over mindless disaster
    in the journey to salvation and life thereafter
    in the anthem of nations pride and challenge reckoning
    post the cacaphony after pangs of soul awakening. read more »

  • 110.
    Ghazal: In Silence

    Let them be, the battles you fought, in silence.
    Bury your shame, the worst you thought, in silence.

    At last my Beloved has haggled with death. read more »

  • 111.
    An ode to silence

    unmoving untold
    beguiling and bold
    in the depths of my meandering drifts
    lie the silence of times read more »

  • 112.
    Silence Part III

    Silence is the only thing I hear
    Silence is what I fear
    Silence tells me that nothing remains
    Silence tells ne that its the end of your game read more »

  • 113.
    I have heard the silences....

    I have heard the silences that speak loud
    When we are alone in the noisy crowd
    The silence in the eyes and words unsaid
    In solitude like a sheet it spreads read more »

  • 114.

    Silence…..force that drives the world;
    Silence… that goes untold;
    Silence…..child left to cry; read more »

  • 115.
    The Silence

    After all it’s the Silence,
    before the heart
    hears the story
    of the glory read more »

  • 116.

    Silence, to allow silence in the gap between
    One word and the next, the shamed
    Silence of a hunched up back drinking
    Coffee over there, so aware of her mutations read more »

  • 117.
    Over The Windows

    Drifting shadows
    over the windows
    my ethereal form
    in their hands read more »

  • 118.
    Suicide Silence

    Suicide Silenced the roaring lion.
    Suicide Silenced the wish of dying

    Suicide Silenced every voice read more »

  • 119.
    The Power of Silence

    Silence is the element
    In which great things fashion themselves.

    The words of the prophets read more »

  • 120.
    Echoes Of Silence

    The echoes of silence ring through the halls
    Reverberating back and forth from the walls

    At times the sound of silence is penetrating read more »

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