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Poems About: SILENCE

In this page, poems on / about “silence” are listed.

  • 121.
    Solitude, Singing

    Being alone is knowing
    That in in this solitary splendour
    Solitude, stark and staring,
    Solitude, singing a lullaby read more »

    Rani Turton
  • 122.
    Night Song at Amalfi

    I asked the heaven of stars
    What I should give my love --
    It answered me with silence,
    Silence above. read more »

    Sara Teasdale
  • 123.

    Silence is the strongest reply
    for any abusive behave
    still if he does not understand
    think the person is fool read more »

    ramesh rai
  • 124.
    A sound of silence

    A sound of silence
    Silence that distant sound
    Speaks volumes of variety read more »

    Matthew Holloway
  • 125.
    And Softly Silence Speaks.....

    When love flows between two yearning hearts,
    Gods and angels listen,
    As softly silence speaks,
    And softly silence speaks..... read more »

    Khairul Ahsan
  • 126.
    A Little Silence

    In you
    A little silence,

    In me read more »

    Peter S. Quinn
  • 127.

    How people stand the silence
    i will never know
    cause to me the silence scares me
    for i know im not alone read more »

    Courtney Loren
  • 128.
    Silent is the best

    Silence is the best
    Silence is the best language
    Silence is the best weapons
    Silence is the best shield read more »

    gajanan mishra
  • 129.
    Silence Perceiving

    If silence were a canvass,
    the emptiness it holds is the impression,
    The voices on the universe,
    is the artist's hands removing it's innocence. read more »

    Krispian Vilipi
  • 130.
    ! ! Rocking lullaby! !

    A lullaby as silence sings
    Back and fourth the soul swings
    Caressing and with gentle embrace
    A lullaby as silence plays read more »

    Fasika Ayalew
  • 131.
    The Silence That Lives On

    I'm sitting in the corner nowhere to run
    Here comes the silence, there goes the fun

    Trying to put the pieces back together read more »

    Susan Robertson
  • 132.

    A crowded train
    a thousand voices
    the earth erupts
    silence read more »

    Derek Coleman
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