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Poems About: SILENCE

In this page, poems on / about “silence” are listed.

  • 13.
    while thoughts sing to me

    While thoughts sing to me
    Silence sprouted!
    An imperceptible fragrance
    Around me surrounded - read more »

  • 14.
    Silence Echos

    makes my heart break
    Love, does not make read more »

  • 15.

    silence is the deepest cut
    silence is the thing that makes you nuts
    silence is the thing thatll make you cry
    silence is the thing that makes the noise die read more »

    Erica German
  • 16.
    stille nacht

    All quiet
    all still
    early morning
    Harrogate read more »

    James Hart
  • 17.

    Contemplation, searching for my soul
    Silence encompassing all
    Alone but not in solitude
    Silence giving fortitude read more »

    Aufie Zophy
  • 18.
    Then and then

    Then, silence became my world
    Laughter strangled in silence
    Love stumbled in silence
    Hope sank in silence read more »

    Priyadarsini G Menon
  • 19.
    Le Silence

    Je trouve un chemin dans le silence,
    Le silence c’est mon attention, ma réflexion dans l’écoute du son qui me guide vers ma destinée,
    Dans le silence, dans l’espace et dans l’air, je trouve ma raison de vivre,
    Je suis déterminé à vivre et à donner un sens à ma vie, read more »

    kafun lady
  • 20.

    Silence means you never hate me
    Silence means you need some time
    Silence force that drives the world
    Silence read more »

    Maria Luisa Taylor
  • 21.
    A Night Passes In A Silenceless Torment

    A night passes in a Silenceless Torment
    Even the most beautiful songs
    Cannot quell the restlessness-

    There are times when one is not born for this read more »

    Shalom Freedman
  • 22.

    silence not a word is spoke
    silence when no is around
    silence is when no one speaks
    silence is when no one your alone by yourself read more »

    brandi reissig
  • 23.

    In silence we observe
    In silence we learn
    In silence we judge
    In silence we are made whole read more »

    Kipp Joz
  • 24.

    Have you sat in darkness and heard the silence around?
    Its as though it engulfs you
    a place of utter terror
    Silence pierces your ears swiftly leaving you unknowingly deaf read more »

    Erik Gillette
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