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Poems About: SILENCE

In this page, poems on / about “silence” are listed.

  • 253.
    Converse In Silence

    when ego declines
    your heart's insistence;
    converse in silence.. read more »

    Deep Ali
  • 254.
    An ode to silence

    unmoving untold
    beguiling and bold
    in the depths of my meandering drifts
    lie the silence of times read more »

    Sheena Datta
  • 255.

    My sadness I remain with
    All my sadness is here to be
    With silence, I have got to be
    Silence, forever silence is going to be read more »

    Rohit Sapra
  • 256.
    maybe its my conscience that is flawed

    If I really wanted to let you know all my flaws I would
    but that would let the silence left me misunderstood
    If there were no time for quiet how would you judge me
    but then again your judging me is no guarantee read more »

    Abby Randell
  • 257.
    Swan Song

    Soon no poems of true or false
    rumour, beauty or daft rages
    Before the silence and the dark
    just spittle on blank pages read more »

    Sean Joyce
  • 258.
    The Dead of Silence

    Unsteady quiet, lonely as it sounds,
    Avoided like a plague
    It’s the dead of silence read more »

    Aurora Wells
  • 259.

    Silence surrounds me,
    Drowns me, suffocate,
    Confounds me. read more »

    Holly Heron
  • 260.
    Over The Windows

    Drifting shadows
    over the windows
    my ethereal form
    in their hands read more »

    Alireza Behnam
  • 261.
    The Dark Side of the Coin

    “‘Space, the bound of a solid’: Silence, then, the form of a melody.” - Alice Meynell

    I surrender Myself to the dark. read more »

    Danielle Moffat
  • 262.
    but when the flames of fires touch your eyes

    The leaves are gone; the world’s gone to sleep
    The grass is brown the earth is dark and bare
    And if you look beyond that silent peak
    Silence is there read more »

    Ben Paynter
  • 263.
    Lovers quarrel

    Gee, what’s that for?
    Silence, silence and a longer silence followed
    Do I have to ask you again?
    There ensued a deeper look piercing but no word read more »

    Edgar Rendon Eslit
  • 264.

    alone afraid
    yearning to be heard
    in a world of multiple voices read more »

    vincent armone
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