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On Effective Causal Thoughts And Decisive Effects On Thoughtful Causes - Martinson Refutation - Poem by Jonathan ROBIN

The bridge that spans thoughts linking Cause, Effect
distinguishes Man - homo styled Erect
whose trait outstanding's often pride elect -
as silent seeker striving to perfect
himself beyond dogmatic, rigid sect,
attempting to see all angles and collect
'reports and contradictions' and disect
with authenticity all Chance connect_
ions stimulate: synapses leapt
by neurons racing, tracing, to eject
falsehood, 'Truth' retain to redirect
'decisive' thoughts from judgements set, unchecked.

The basic tenets of the argument
suggest 'Truth' 'lies' within, with silence sent
as element essential for ascent
'significant' to peak that speaks assent
from all, gestating silently thoughts meant
to impact and endow empowerment
on all with open mind, not self-torment
through undue mis-dis-information bent
to serve the current tide, hide, or invent
excuses which deflect or circumvent
epiphany coherent, excellent
start to chart fresh departure and prevent
mankind from hibernation, time-out spent
barring change from earthly tenement.

What is Truth? Is silence so 'significant'?
For what's deemed 'silence' oft ignores the chant
outside auditory range. Most humans can't
decipher, re-interpret, or transplant
ideas outside their wave-length spectrum, plant
'decisive' seed that leads all to recant
past errors, ideologies supplant
by universal truth free from false cant.
Most dream in monochrome, few coloured slant
incorporate as sleep's deep quests decant
life's quintessential which should all enchant.

Where 'infinite' is held as the amount
'of countless small rooms' bringing to account
truth, falsehood, sense and nonsense - knowledge fount -
there seems to be discordance which could count
when weighed against the feather, at discount
sold for a song: as much a mirage mount
as oasis thirst slaking. To surmount
internal contradictions and recount
through silent self-assessment is a bounty
few reach successfully in town or county.

Thus here we question logic ultimate
in predefining links that estimate
causal spans between 'man can relate
only through silence to the hand of fate
whose finger points would pointless be if bait
by man, as fish, were seen or heard. To rate
unseen as truth because unseen seems late
and early far too easy, may facilitate
a soundless prompt, unsound, unsounded date
with that 'infinite' men seek, half-bate
approach which rich leaves none. Each must gestate
imagination as unique ability, small, great,
to tackle existential quest, dictate
to self true wealth when able to create
an 'honest' overview, cleansing slate
of any, all, temptations to inflate
concepts of 'silent truth', anticipate
holistic anti-focus on Man's estate.
Maybe Martinson the main point missed
attempting to link 'silence', 'truth' dismissed
to soon the fact that silence equals sum
of wave-lengths man can't cue through his eardrum.
Sight ultra-violet, infra-red, resist
attemps at definitions squeezed by some.
If there's no soul what judgement may persist?
If there's no judgement how can soul exist?
If all ends spring from energy begun,
and energy from endings swiftly sprung,
why should subjective speculation's mist
insist on heaven, hell, - both sides are one.
Answer may 'lie' in universe quantum
while 'what is Truth' defi[n]es vain conundrum.

The Truths of Silence
Privately and in silence,
either they are there
or they are not.
You cannot see them:
if you could it would be easy.
They are significant
simply because they do not depend on reports and contradictions.
They are based on the truth which you have in yourself,
and the honesty with which you experience your own silence.
In the long run it is they who are decisive in all small rooms,
in the infinite number of small rooms in every land.
Harry Martinson

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