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Silence Can Be An Insult - Poem by Melvina Germain

Over time one learns it is possible to spin a cloudy web, one that paints a picture that is absolutely the opposite of what an individual actually is. You’ve heard and I’m sure you know some people who speak without thinking and others take them quite seriously.
Depending on the personality of the individuals, this can cause a turbulent interaction between two very nice people. However once the interaction begins, the rocks begin to hurl and it is now in a place seemingly of no return.

One of the opponents for lack of a better word at this point takes the stand to diffuse the situation by walking away in silence. Thinking perhaps this will lessen the blows and settle the situation down. However it does the opposite and a volcanic reaction explodes, with demeaning words, attacks of foolishness, blame and an absolute display of insecurity rises itself to a place of utter nonsense. The silence continues as no one in their right state of mind would react to such a misuse of the vocal chords.

Having said this, we begin to realize how powerful silence can be. People become upset often for what some consider small reasons. For example, you did not receive a response to an invitation, you didn’t return a favour. You called a friend several times, I get this one very well. Your friend never returns the call, that’s an area where I need a ton of work. Someone remarked on something which wasn’t that bad, but the way they said it really upset you but had no affect on them at all., so they were silent about it. Or this one, your friend depended on you for certain things but when someone else showed up, they totally turned to them for help. Maybe this one.. Someone confided in someone else and did not share it with you and you thought they should have.

All these situations can bring forth anger from the hurt individual and confusion from the individual who figure they did nothing wrong. With all of this, silence is actually an insult and can bring on a fiery response eventually. You know if you apply for a job and are waiting for an answer and nothing comes, you might become very upset by that, you feel unworthy perhaps, out and out rejection might be better, then one knows where they stand and move onward. You don’t take into consideration that this person might be working under immense stressful situations and just don’t have the time to call all applicants back. We might want to consider that the next time we put forth a job application. How about this one, you work on contract and a particular company always calls you but this time you found out someone else is working for them without explanation to you. This happens a lot in Market Research, though eventually you will receive a call for something else.

Silence becomes a weapon and a pretty dang good one at that. For the most part, people don’t realize when this weapon is in use but once you do, you can decide perhaps to work on thinking before you speak. Softening up your words, stop demanding what is not really yours. Stop thinking you are better than everyone around you, put your ego to rest thinking you are up front and everyone else should walk behind you. When people mutter idiot, bitch, asshole, jerk, these may be some of the reasons why. If you’re looking for a blast, stand in silence, it’s a huge insult to many.

Power struggles happen in conversations all the time and it takes a hero to end such. However the hero has a responsibility to know how to end it without further reaction. I’ve found out that announcing that you are in fact the hero is not a good idea either, so don’t explain, just do it. Try to agree to disagree, doesn’t always work
as people who love to argue will dismiss the fact you suggested such. Well when all is said and done, when those people take on the role of silence, perhaps we find ourselves finally at peace. My thoughts on “Silence Can Be An Insult”…Take what you can use and leave the rest…Melvina…..

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