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Poems About: SISTER

In this page, poems on / about “sister” are listed.

  • 205.
    Little Sister

    As I listen to that guitar scream
    Sounds ring out my destiny
    A stronger power grabs ahold of me
    Shocks me with a volt of electricity read more »

    Jamie Haddock
  • 206.

    My sister often,
    Held my hand,
    When we,
    Were very small, read more »

    Astra Derksen
  • 207.
    Sometimes sisters

    sisters can SOMETIMES be a great thing
    but except when she tells me i can't sing read more »

    Nicole Skillings
  • 208.

    If you cry my sister,
    I am always there to wipe out
    Your tickling tears
    For swallowing them in me read more »

    Pushkar Bisht
  • 209.

    read more »

    Alyshia Parker
  • 210.
    My Sister's Angle

    I'm here with who mighit be my sister
    Nine months together really brought us together
    Today we say goodbye
    Only for a short while read more »

    Lia Stroud
  • 211.
    A Sister

    To my sister Amanda Maguire

    A read more »

    Unique Princess
  • 212.

    Sister, please hold my hand
    As we journey through this land
    Together we stand, together we will fall
    No matter what, God will keep us together read more »

    Erica German
  • 213.
    Don’t Be a Beast

    Mother in law is mother.
    Sister in law is sister.
    Elders’ wives are mothers.
    Peers wives are sisters. read more »

    Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.
  • 214.
    Missing Her

    it has been five years
    since she passed away
    leaving me behind
    in a world without her in it read more »

    Betty Bateson
  • 215.

    I lost everything during my sleep
    Woke up and found, machine had no bleep
    Shouted, cried, and wept
    I couldn't save, everything swept read more »

    Aftab Alam
  • 216.
    Family Influence

    My sister is my rock,
    This she knows and we talk,
    She helps me so much all I want is to do the same in return,
    When we do talk I feel like I get smarter every time, read more »

    Qeeony Luv
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