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Anguish At Peace - Poem by Sareeah Keelyn

Sister of soul
Sister of heart
Has it been so long since the start?
Loved you I did
And still to this day
Even though I'm often in dismay

Lost you feel
And so did I
I did not know
Which way to go
I look around the places we've been
And cry all over again

Buckets and buckets I could rain for hours
Thinking of all I did wrong
But then I realize
We both made mistakes
And I stop making lakes

It's still painful
There's no doubt it that
I still don't understand
Why everything had to go splat
But it's better for me
And better for you
Opening a world we never knew

I think of you often
Just as much as before
Wondering what you'd think
Wishing you were here or there
Many a time I've almost rushed to where you stood
Only to remember

I had a dream about you
You said you missed me too
We talked and laughed
And swam in a giant pool
Then I woke up
And saw you
And remembered again

I still look back
Sometimes with tears
Sometimes with smiles
Sometimes a little angry
But I understand

What's past is past
What's gone is gone
I know were both
Looking towards a new dawn
Wrongs were made
But lots of rights too

When you pass by
I always try to catch your eye
To show you that we don't have to hate
I wish you'd look up
To see my smile

That's where I am
I hope you are too
I wish we could've have finished
The work we started
But I know you'll be published
And I won't be broken hearted

So, Adieu
To old friendships
Let us leave each other memories
In peace
No harsh words spoken
That receives no token

I do not regret
Sister of soul
Sister of mind
Sister, I'll always be there
Just as you are inside of me
A mark
That I'll never be free
Both good and bad
Depending on use
But I am determined
To make the best of it

As we part futher more
I turn from you and move my own way
smiling and looking up to say
Sweet memory farewell
Locked in heart to never tell
turned towards hope and happiness
So, Elryyan, to the future!

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