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  • 1.
    Science-fiction Cradlesong

    By and by Man will try
    To get out into the sky,
    Sailing far beyond the air
    From Down and Here to Up and There.
    Stars and sky, sky and stars
    Make us feel the prison bars.

    Suppose it done. Now we ride
    Closed in steel, up there, outside
    Through our port-holes see the vast
    Heaven-scape go rushing past.
    Shall we? All that meets the eye
    Is sky and stars, stars and sky.

    Points of light with black between
    Hang like a painted scene
    Motionless, no nearer there
    Than on Earth, everywhere
    Equidistant from our ship.
    Heaven has given us the slip.

    Hush, be still. Outer space
    Is a concept, not a place.
    Try no more. Where we are
    Never can be sky or star.
    From prison, in a prison, we fly;
    There's no way into the sky. read more »

  • 2.
    Cloudy Sky

    The Moon she is a pretty girl who lives up in the stars
    And that old cloud he's a great old man who loves her from afar
    He loves her from afar read more »

  • 3.
    To Touch The Sky

    I am a kite
    I can go everywhere site by site
    My work is to fly
    To touch the sky read more »

  • 4.
    Sky, Blue Sky

    Sky, blue sky
    so blue and shy
    u only appear
    when there are clouds to dissapear read more »

  • 5.

    I opened a letter
    But I couldn't read
    Up in the sky
    Down on the ground read more »

  • 6.
    the winds blow for you

    Look at my face
    Look at mine
    Angel look at mine read more »

  • 7.
    Great Blue Sky

    watching the great blue sky recede into the black space it really is,
    listening to the lapping of an active lake under the great blue sky,
    feeling the soothing warmth of an active lake under the great blue sky,
    smelling the lotion passing into the soothing warmth of an active lake under the great blue sky, read more »

  • 8.
    blue skies

    We can all make mistakes
    and end up broken,
    digging our own graves,
    lives forsaken. read more »

  • 9.
    Blue Sky?

    Blue sky yesterday
    Grey today
    Did the blue sky
    Go away? read more »

  • 10.
    * These Starry Sky's * *.

    The stars above are shining clear
    So far away yet
    they seem so very near
    These starry sky's possess the read more »

  • 11.
    The Nest

    That was the skylark we heard
    Singing so high,
    The little quivering bird
    We saw, and the sky. read more »

  • 12.
    Two Pewits

    Under the after-sunset sky
    Two pewits sport and cry,
    More white than is the moon on high read more »

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