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Words To Raise The Dead (Prose) (Part One) - Poem by J Knight

You could say some thing’s to raise the dead, to pull me from the grave, and give me life/ and you could be breath, that oxygen, that heart, that light/ you could say some thing’s to raise the dead/ looking into your eyes could give me life, thru you, I could see the world how you see it, all the sad beauty around you and view them how you do/ I could be alive again/ it could be paradise/we could be pure heart and smiles, if I could live again, if you could give me that/ under the blue sky and gold shine, I could live/ but I’m dying under black night, as the stars watch me stare/ and all those words could soothe me... I could live again/ I’m twisting thru neon that doesn’t exist, my mind projects all the light and sorrow/ you could say some words to raise the dead... but me mostly/ I’m just smiling dead/ You breathe sky/ We could be hearts and words dying/ your eyes that project paradise/we could live in neon shine/ exist, see how it all becomes life? / raise my world from the grave- give me gold life/ view your light/ live/ I’m mostly dead, sad me/ you can give life/ give me mind life... you could raise smiles/ dead me say to you again: “You could say words to raise the dead”/ twisting and I’m you, as dead love falls away/ into the light breath that is my sorrow/we could be under that blue and stare/ under soothe heart light/ let your eyes heart sky soothe me/ looking gold, you neon live/say something all thru that shine, light/ soothe the sky and don’t be sad/ I’m neon again/ say to my heart you want me to live/ me looking alive again girl if you give me light/ you’re gold oxygen/ sky, how sad it must be to hold the world/ your gold stars could soothe me and raise me up from my death/ my blue stares into you, and gets a view of life anew/ I want to shine, thru you I could live/ come around and you could be oxygen/ let your beauty soothe my sad smiles and I say: “You could say some words to raise the dead... but me mostly”/
You breathe sky/ “We both shouldn’t be so sad, girl”/ I’m twisting thru you to see how sad it must be to be hearts under black night as the light raises my sad smiles and gold stars watch my mind project all those words to shine thru neon oxygen and hearts and blue sky and sorrow/ you can give me some thing’s to shine, I could give up my grave/ “give me gold life girl. Only you can do it. Yeah you”/ view of life/ I say: “You could be pure heart sky and you could say some thing’s and hold the stars in your hands. Raise the light breath that shines, so I don’t have to be so sad. I’m dying under the sky and I could be that heart for you. That light”/ you’re gold life/ give it to me so I can view sunshine/ you give me light/ you’re gold shine/ you could raise the dead/ I could stay with you a while... dead me, but you could light me under black dead night/ “YOU’RE sunshine”/ you could raise the world and we could be pure heart, baby/ I’m looking into the grave- don’t give me that... don’t give me my death/ you could be my world... my sorrow/we could say some thing’s to shine/ you’re gold life girl, and my broken heart sky/ you could soothe me under this blue and give me love... I say: “You could say words to break my heart. Come around and I’ll crawl from my grave- give me a reason to shine baby. Say some words and make it paradise. You can see you can be oxygen. Let your beauty soothe my mind. You could stand there looking gold. You can give me stars and oxygen. Let your eyes meet my heart and get a view of life. Raise smiles and the dead. I could be alive again girl and you could be oxygen”/ I look deep into the heaven blue above me: “Sky... she could say some thing’s to you, and I could say some thing’s to you, and my mind projects visions and all becomes life”/ “You can give me love. You don’t have to raise the heaven blue and hold the sky in your hands to become my life, Goddess” / So she’s twisting thru neon oxygen that rises the dead and I look deep into the light blue sky above me: “Sky... I can see how sad it is to see you. I just want me and her to be hearts under the heavens for a while, so we don’t need to be so sad, girl, ” now moving my eyes from the sky to you/ black night rises over the dead/ “You can do it. Yeah you/ no, no, no, you don’t understand... I mean you”/ take me under the stars and watch my mind/ “You can see you could be oxygen. Let your hands raise smiles and hearts and gold shine/ you could say some words to be pure heart baby”/ “you’re shining baby”/ “We both should be heart and sky and you could soothe my mind. You can give me some words to raise the dead”/ YOU give me stars/ “Let your eyes be my paradise. You could be my world and I’ll crawl from my grave- give me love”/ my heart says: “You could be you, and give yourself to me for a while”/ pure heart for you. This love; you’re gold stars... something to shine; you’re gold life girl”/ “So she’s twisting into the sky, and speaking to raise the dead”/

“So why are we so sad girl when the two of us can breathe sky? We can both shout our hearts in understanding thru sad summer days under the gold star of blue skies as light rains down on top of us.”

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    I had to certainly STAY alive to read this one....
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