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Poems About: SKY

In this page, poems on / about “sky” are listed.

  • 157.
    Sky Over Us

    </>Sky, always blue sky, so blue, gray and shy
    It only appears when there are clouds to dissapear
    Then comes the sun, so warm as the love of a father
    Just like the love I have for my sweet Sweetie read more »

    Nyota Yasulwe
  • 158.
    Blue Sky

    Coming and going at heart causing excitement
    Breaking the threshold my goose spreads wings
    Love falls on rose at deep night
    Would you love, would be abode at blue sky? read more »

  • 159.
    The Sky's New DayDress

    Almost everything is turning pink now,
    Under the light of the rising sun.
    The sky which was cloaked in its evening gown
    Is now changing for its morning dress read more »

    Armmina Liberté Maclang
  • 160.
    am i a christian

    I look to the skies and ask am i getting it right am i getting it done---

    did i learn to walk or stay on the run-- read more »

    david moonlight
  • 161.

    Endless sky,
    Supreme ruler
    Icy blue sea,
    A willing ally read more »

    Deva De Silva
  • 162.
    In Pairs

    In Pairs

    Creator has made everything
    Everything made is to complement each other read more »

    hope cope
  • 163.
    Villanelle: From Night to Daylight

    So gorgeous is the starry sky at night
    The sky is blue with clouds during the day
    Yet, dawn heralds a lovely morn so bright. read more »

    Dr John Celes
  • 164.
    Trees Against The Sky

    Pines against the sky,
    Pluming the purple hill;
    Pines . . . and I wonder why,
    Heart, you quicken and thrill? read more »

    Robert William Service
  • 165.
    My Sky

    It's midnight, I'm here, under rain, it's dark
    It's cold, I hope,
    I wish, I want, what?
    I desire tomorrow! read more »

    Sina Farajzadeh
  • 166.
    The Day The Sky Fell

    One day it was discovered that the sky was ill
    Like water from a leaky cup its life began to spill
    It couldn't bear its weight and soon began to fall
    Held up only by the sun as it gave its all read more »

    Aric Beers
  • 167.

    Long ago the sky loved the earth.
    But they could not meet, read more »

    Anjesh shekhar
  • 168.
    star without sky

    star love only sky...n love only sky...
    Star always waiting...n waiting only sky...
    I cant proof u anything here.....b'coz u not here...
    I only can proof u with my word, many word that i wrote to u.... read more »

    nina tesia
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