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Respect It's What The Family Of Star Buck Have. - Poem by Raymond Sawyer

For one what does respect man to them thus respect is something that Star bucks have and yet for every morning there a warm smile that shine like the morning sun that touch the beautiful blue sky yet every rose been fill with respect just to feel the sun is like feel the touch of a angel respect it's what the family of Star bucks have.

For one who's touch with respect shall shine the morning sun that is fill with respect but o the family respect mean a lot to he family of respect but every touch of respect thus he family will sparkle in the night sky just to feel the touch of respect for there a warm smile and yet respect is's what the family of Star bucks have.

But he moon light shall raise with the light of life for one who wish to feel the touch by the angel of the night and yet just to see the family in the night sky where light up night sky with respect for the light of respect is like the sun in the morning blue sky respect it's what the family of Star bucks have.

When one feel see the moon light thus one been touch with respect by the angel of Star bucks for it's Star bucks that have respect the more one feel the warm smile thus it says welcome to the house of Star bucks respect is special to one who wish for it but yet respect it's what the family Star bucks have.

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