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The Visitor. - Poem by arkantos arilius

Fuming with anger was the wicked sky,
so furious was it that even death was feeling shy.
Ten thousand suns could'nt calm it down,
what was missing could'nt be found.

In the corner stood the Gods,
waiting for fate to come around.
Days went by and so did nights,
no signs of the sky being sound.

Angels, heavenly creatures came along,
even Lucifer and his demons gave it a try,
nothing happened, as still the sky
was wailing its cry.

Scampering for a last grasp of hope
someone said, 'we should summon
this thing from the planet of zyron'.

Many a chaos he has caused,
not by his might, but by his words.
Unshaken is his fame,
'The Joker' is his name.

So was this time chosen
between dusk and dawn for the eternal challenge.

Said The Joker to the sky,
'What challenge you place before me.'
replied the sky.'The Joker - Uh! you call yourself
show me your trade, make me laugh but remember
six words; nothing more'.

Suddenly the Joker felt like an injured prey
turned his back to the sky,
on the verge of leaving without a fight
a few steps further he surprised all
when he said a joke without a flaunt, and dissapeared.

'King Tutts Mummy was his Aunt'

Silence bestowed the departure of The Joker
'A fool has made himself known', said one.

But The Joker had meant his words from his heart.
in return the sky obliged his marvelous art
and thus came crashing from up above,
huge smiling drops and thunderous laughs.

Whatever it was;
was released from the sky
we may call it Pain, Happiness, Anger, Delight.
All of it was spread around the Earth
and this is how I feel the Human race was given Birth.

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