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Cloud Shadows - Poem by Trucker Jeff

Cloud shadows look up at us from the ground beneath us
while their Creator dares us to
reach skyward for a touch at them
The clouds are driven before the wind.
They seem to tease us urging us on to pursue give chase.
'Come play with us before the wind sends us away! '
We watch as they constantly change shapes
and as the sunlight is bright the sky is littered
with these wind tossed clouds.
They streamline across the sky in fast forward
as surreal as a music video.
Are they teasing me or are they oblivious to us earth kept people
while they go their way playing a merry game of tag.
and what is it they remind me of
these cloud shadows adrift across my path.
Ah yes, they remind me of the dreams I kept in my youth.
The sky is full of clouds as my mind was once full of a young man's foolish dreams.
One by one the dreams eluded my undisciplined attempt to catch and hold them, like so much cloud mist, not even getting my fingers wet.
And the asphalt of Ohio which lay shadowed by the clouds
has drifted by forgotten by a nightfall and then months.

Today the mist has lifted alas giving way to a sparkling, sunny sky and a dappled field of clouds. They mottle their way across the Virginia mountain sides, shadows on a carpet of green forest.
I stare in wonder remembering Ohio. I am lost in the beauty
of my every day.
And why should I dream you symbolic ships adrift on the blue sky with nowhere to go!
I hold not to the dreams of my youth
but to the simple dreams that God dreams!
His dreams are far better than any foolishness of a young mans
For I dream simply of being a good man and so I try
as I look out beyond the mountains.

Clouds drifting and drifting the sky all a clutter.

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