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Poems About: SLEEP

In this page, poems on / about “sleep” are listed.

  • 109.

    There was a man who didn't know how to sleep; nodding
    off every night into a drab, unprofessional sleep. Sleep that
    he'd grown so tired of sleeping.
    He tried reading The Manual of Sleep, but it just put him read more »

    Russell Edson
  • 110.
    Sleep sleep sleep

    sleep every time
    sot good... read more »

    otteri selvakumar
  • 111.
    The Fisher Child's Lullaby

    THE wind is out in its rage to-night,
    And your father is far at sea.
    The rime on the window is hard and white read more »

    Paul Laurence Dunbar
  • 112.
    Timothy's Lullaby

    Sleep, Timothy, Sleep.
    Let wishes dance
    About your feet,
    For now. read more »

    Francie Lynch
  • 113.

    I can sleep, but I won't rest
    I'll try to rest, but I'll only sleep
    My dreams were once my escape
    My nights held my happy days read more »

    Juvela Obi
  • 114.
    Sleep, sleep, my sweet one sleep

    Sleep, sleep, my sweet one sleep
    Let the film of Morpheus come
    Like a veiled mist
    And visit your eye-lids read more »

    Emmanuel George Cefai
  • 115.
    Sleeping Sickness

    I stopped sleeping in October.
    My sleep has always been deep and restful,
    but in October I stopped sleeping. read more »

    June Stepansky
  • 116.
    To The Sleepers

    While Amazonia burns,
    And polar ice-caps melt,
    Or flood defences burst,
    You sleep, you sleep. read more »

    Denys E. W. Jones
  • 117.

    Chorus, do not ostentation of sleep
    wash and clean.
    sleep in mind
    sleep in heart read more »

    Ahmad Sajid Udash kobi
  • 118.
    Let us allow her at least to sleep, leave alone caring her

    Early morning in January
    Morning walk
    Poorly maintained Indian road
    Walk was not brisk read more »

    Bashyam Narayanan
  • 119.
    The singing in god's acre

    Out yonder in the moonlight, wherein God's Acre lies,
    Go angels walking to and fro, singing their lullabies.
    Their radiant wings are folded, and their eyes are bended low,
    As they sing among the beds whereon the flowers delight to grow,-- read more »

    Eugene Field
  • 120.
    Sleep Well

    Sleep well,
    oh baron of industry
    do not worry, do sleep well
    nobody will hurt you, banker my friend read more »

    Boaz Zippor
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