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Poems About: SLEEP

In this page, poems on / about “sleep” are listed.

  • 241.
    Among The Tombs

    She is a lady fair and wise,
    Her heart her counsel keeps,
    And well she knows of time that flies
    And tide that onward sweeps; read more »

    Sir Henry Newbolt
  • 242.

    Before we sleep tonight
    We will have a glass of wine
    To help us go to sleep
    Amd I am aware that sleep is very important for us read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 243.
    Tired in Class

    Caught in a web
    can't sleep
    your eyes does
    your name is called read more »

    John McAdam
  • 244.
    While You Were Sleeping

    While you were sleeping,
    i held you close,
    feeling your heart beating,
    i was as silent as a rose. read more »

    Esther Hadassah Sendeza
  • 245.
    Jade's Lullaby

    Close your eyes little baby
    let wondrous dreams unfold
    close your eyes little baby
    dream of glory and riches untold read more »

    Tori Beals
  • 246.

    I am counting the days
    That I can have a normal sleep again
    Because In the middle of the night when I am
    Sleeping I wake up with back pain read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 247.
    Down to Sleep

    As I lay me down to sleep
    I pray to anything left
    That I don’t fall so very deep
    Right into the arms of death read more »

    Timothy Murray
  • 248.
    Goddess Charms

    In nights when sun sleeps
    And moon matters
    When all sleep and we get up
    In your memories, read more »

    Vishal Sharma
  • 249.
    Time Is Cruel

    Time is cruel, tipsy at best, drunk at most
    Sleep to wake: wake to sleep
    Which comes first the chicken or the egg?
    Awake to sleep: sleep to wake read more »

    Leaking Pen
  • 250.
    The lady in the black lace

    The lady in the black lace
    draped in black lace she slept
    her skin soft, pale to the eye read more »

    Matthew Holloway
  • 251.
    Elusive Sleep

    Sleep evades me in the night
    I listen to sounds make thoughts
    which play upon my mind
    in the dark of the room I lay read more »

    Matthew Holloway
  • 252.
    Remembering Haiti

    Imagine waking up from sleep
    and be imprisoned by the heap
    of rubbles and other falling debris! read more »

    Elizabeth Padillo Olesen
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