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My Lovely Lady I Remember You In Every Word - Poem by Ali Sabry

My lovely lady I remember you in every word you're said to me darling from many years ago from the first time we met, So these words it is in my head to this day and I had never forget you from the first time I saw you for just a moments or for just a second time or I lost my love to you because your life is very expensive life on me and I'm afraid from losing my love to you my lovely lady so please my love don't go away from me don't go far please because I will die if you will leave me just for moments, Because I'm here today to set you my lady forever in all my life and I will never forget you in all my life forever because I love you so much from all my heart my love and you know that my love to you is not just a words it's love from all my heart, You are one of kind when I see you I lose my mind because you are very smart girl my love, I'm going through hell trying to break your spell, I was about to dance to my heart beat, Tell me sweet words even if untrue because if you told me any words it's mean to me big meanings cause I want to hear your voice in all the time, If annoys me to hear this from you my love, You don't seem to understand me I'm a young man study in your small love school and suddenly I fall into your love.

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