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In this page, poems on / about “smart” are listed.

New Smart Poems

  1. Cracker Kingfisher, Jayatissa Liyanage
  2. A limerick, Ellias Anderson C.A ( Known ..
  3. Tribe of Worry-Warts Part 1, Liilia Talts Morrison
  4. My Efforts, Agar Hernandez
  5. Again Not, Morgan Michaels
  6. Listening to Someone at a Party Who Won'.., Manny Furious
  8. it's 104 degrees outside and my car is l.., Mandolyn ...
  9. Rhyme of the American Owl, Sandra Feldman
  10. Epitomizing Wisdumb, Monk E. Biz
  11. Abbot V Dawkins, douglas scotney
  12. Smart. But Not Wise, Lawrence S. Pertillar
  13. I Wish.., Maria Bledsoe
  14. My Heart, Emmy Akinyi
  15. Sister and..., Zoila T. Flores
  16. The curse, Lilac Time
  17. Inner Addict, Marie Melodie
  18. Waiting For The Unknown To Come In Vain, MOHAMMAD SKATI
  19. Old Shep, Stan Billing
  20. Bieber, When You Are Young, Hebert Logerie
  21. On Elegance, Dr John Celes
  22. My Barbie Forever, Sanjay K John
  23. Game., Casandra Vice
  24. Little people, emerson achari
  25. Arrogance Out Of Hand., Plague Rose
  26. Smart Girls, Casey Renee Kiser
  27. A sail on Tigris River, Ahmad Shawqi
  28. The Italian Angel, Pranav Borah
  29. Taxi-driver, Paola Degli Esposti
  30. Ode To The Artist, john tiong chunghoo
  31. ***A Million Kisses For One Lips***, Vishal Sharma
  32. Laughter Is Smart Enough To, kalpana shah
  33. Making Smart Look Easy, Robert Wynn
  34. Smart Feller, Robert Wynn
  35. Art, Smart!, Edward Kofi Louis
  36. Gevallen Engel, Madrason writer
  37. Intelect, Macky Yaits
  38. Driving with Smarter, Ima Ryma
  39. Dreams, Robert Wynn
  40. 'Knowledge', Marvin Brato Sr
  41. 'Wisdom', Marvin Brato Sr
  42. Smart Phone Junction, douglas scotney
  43. A Kingdom, Ivana Valasikova
  44. I am, Matthew Foor
  45. FRANK IS PROUD OF CARSON, Suzae Chevalier
  46. WASH AWAY, colinb bradley
  47. To My Lost Angel, Rohit Sapra
  48. Fat Rat, Bashyam Narayanan
  49. You, Rosemary Monahan
  51. Old Ideal, Kome Gohan
  52. A Million Kisses For One Lips, Vizard Dhawan
  53. Him, Dragon Crenshaw
  54. Olga The Professional, Suzae Chevalier
  55. Change, morgana watson
  56. No Way, kamilla davila
  57. Love without sex - sex without love, Mark Heathcote
  58. Since So ye Please To Hear Me Plain, David McKee Wright
  59. Money, Asif Andalib
  60. Trapped in a heart of stone, Doris Dzameshie
  61. Shop of Broken Heart, Anand Rai
  62. The Smart Ass, Mark Walters
  63. crazy, John Jacobs
  64. (Not Beyond) Alone, Rich Downes
  65. (Never So) Right, Rich Downes
  66. (Falling Today) As Less Smart, Rich Downes
  67. The Loser Girl, Blaire Weiss
  68. Horses, Redneck Girl
  69. My Boy, Ashley Dowdy (Forbus)
  70. WHEN DOES A CAT SING?, Yoseph Lupu
  71. Decision, Vinko Kalinic
  72. I Am, Justine Welcome
  73. Smart Guy Villanelle, Don Tiedemann
  74. Adept!, LaSoaphia QuXazs
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