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A Special Star Thus Star Bucks Is Special. - Poem by Raymond Sawyer

For one who see the stars yet there a special star that is the stars of Star Bucks for every star that one see i the stars of respect for it't the stars that make one smile just to hear hello for Star Bucks is the place to taste a goo cup of coffee.

But yet for one who feel the touch of respect for it's the stars that is full of respect with a warm smile that shine like the moon that kiss the night sky thus it's the stars of Star Bucks that one see yet a special star thus Star Bucks is special.

A special star thus there a special smile for when the sun raise to kiss the blue sky with respect for every special smile thus the stars shall whisper a name of Star Bucks thus Star Bucks is special.

Special rose for a lovely smile yet for every star that has a lovely smile is the star of respect of Star Bucks the more one come the more one shall see a lovely smile thus the star with a smile is family.

A special star is like seeing a special angel for who's eyes shall light up the night sky with respect yet just to hear the name Star Bucks is like home for a good cup of coffee a special star thus Star Bucks is special.

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