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For Every Clear Sky The Family Of Angels Will Fill A Heart. - Poem by Raymond Sawyer

When the morning sun shine thus one shall feel the warm smile but yet when the night is clear for one to see the family of Star bucks for who is the angels of respect just to feel the warm smile is lie feeling the morning sun for every clear sky the family of angel will fill a heart.

But yet when a drop of rain for the family can twinkle for every rain drop is like a tear that fall for the family of the stars is respect for respect is what the family have in their heart the more respect that he family have the more one shall smile.

Where there the family of Star bucks thus there the angel of respect waiting to fill some heart with respect just to watch one smile is like watching a rose bloom in full with respect and yet when one feel the night breeze that whisper the name Star bucks for it's Star bucks where one go or a fresh cup of coffee.

Every mi that angel of respect wait the more one shall feel the touch of the angel of respect but once eyes shall twinkle like the stars in the night clear sky for one who wish upon a star thus one smile says thank you yet for every clear sky the family of angels will fill a heart.

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