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Poems About: SMILE

In this page, poems on / about “smile” are listed.

  • 61.
    Smile Please

    when a smile cost nothing,
    why don't people smile.
    a smile can talk
    a smile can express read more »

    shania bhayana
  • 62.
    Smile, for YOU are pleasent

    Smile a smile that shows who you are
    Smile a smile that shows your inner beauty
    Smile a smile that shows your personality
    Smile a smile that shows love read more »

    Elizabeth Tews
  • 63.

    It is in my smile..
    Right in my smile..
    Do you see it? read more »

    Witness Khosi Ntshangase
  • 64.
    The Smile Of You

    A smile is like...
    A visual expression
    A feeling in our mind.

    Your Smile makes … read more »

    Lawrence CH Hiun
  • 65.
    Where Does The Smile Lie?

    When the dusk falls, the sun asks,
    'O dear, where does the smile lie? '
    'Smile lies, I say, where the sky
    rejoice the rain in air, read more »

    Piyush Dey
  • 66.
    Happy Smile Day,2013

    Start your day by smiling please!
    Work your way with smiles along;
    Share your wisdom smilingly;
    Face your challenges with smiles! read more »

    Dr John Celes
  • 67.

    Everytime you think of me smile;

    Smile, read more »

    Anoop Lokkur
  • 68.

    Smile though you're body is aching
    Smile though your partners been cheating
    Smile though you just keep on losing
    Just smile, it's better that quitting. read more »

    Frieda Taller
  • 69.

    (dedicated to Maria Sudibyo)

    look tenderly at
    innocence smile read more »

    Ahmad Shiddiqi
  • 70.
    smiling silence called deepti naval

    smiling silence call deepti naval

    nothing is rooten
    nothing is black read more »

    lovita j r morang
  • 71.
    Smile Always!

    Smile man, smile! Always smile!
    Smile all life and smile in style;
    Smiling makes one worriless;
    And makes you happy and less tense. read more »

    Dr John Celes
  • 72.

    He smiles
    I smile :)
    We both
    Smile :) read more »

    Aparna Chatterjee
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