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Poems About: SNAKE

In this page, poems on / about “snake” are listed.

  • 325.
    Broken Hearted

    Can i have some courage
    To stand up and shout
    That i love you Worm
    Of that there's no doubt read more »

    The4amPoet ....
  • 326.

    BUT, Snake, you must not come where we abide,
    For you would tempt us; we should hear you say: read more »

    Padraic Colum
  • 327.
    She Never Misses

    Some ladies say that snakes are like old swords
    Swinging through the grass:
    Romero tells me his name is actually spelled with an I,
    But everyone calls him coyote, anyways: read more »

    Robert Rorabeck
  • 328.
    the mountain and the snake

    a long black yellow snake with stripes
    arrives hissing
    looking for a prey
    a rat perhaps read more »

  • 329.
    Her true love

    Her true love
    She swooped on the snake and
    Throw it in the air
    Because it was creeping towards her baby read more »

    vijay gupta
  • 330.

    Poison in our head,
    makes the red eyed read more »

    Christina Sunrise
  • 331.
    Pursuing Virtue

    I had never beheld a snake
    That walked upon its belly.
    I saw animals and plants so sudden;
    Outcast and ashamed, I assumed read more »

    Naveed Akram
  • 332.
    The Murderer

    Viciously hungry for blood,
    paneciously thirsty within mud,
    yes! he is the diabolic nightmare,
    his eyes always in envy of evil flair, read more »

    Anele ''The African Son'' kaPotelwa
  • 333.
    Blaming The Snake

    Adam said it was the fault of Eve.
    Eve blamed that serpent snake.
    The snake tried blaming everyone else
    No leg to stand on, he was a fake. read more »

    Robert Edgar Burns
  • 334.
    dream-The Snake

    The snake was held
    In another's hand.
    Kill it I said,
    Before it strikes. read more »

    Mary Mc Creath
  • 335.

    When we pick up a book we look at its cover and base it on its look.
    Who are we to judge the looks of a book?
    Once we read it we love it or hate it.
    In reality we look at someones looks and judge them like a book. read more »

  • 336.

    Snakes and men nature's creation
    Nothing created sans purpose of action
    All to coexist with mutual appreciation
    Alas! Many work for mutual destruction! read more »

    Subbaraman N V
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