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Poems About: SNOW

In this page, poems on / about “snow” are listed.

  • 253.

    i raked and i raked, then i stopped to admire
    a city truck came and stood by the pile
    vacumned the leaves and then off it went
    with our autumn coloured futon in tow read more »

    empty shell
  • 254.
    Christmas Cabin Fever

    Wear a brown hat like a snow-man
    Sleep with the dogs in the snow
    While the Northern Lights are turning
    And the moon tells all she knows. read more »

    Brian Purdy
  • 255.
    .5. Snow Fun

    I remember in the fifties when the snow fell very quick
    Like big cornflakes crunchy crisp and sparkling white
    I remember ground was frozen and it settled very thick
    It kept falling down like sheets throughout the night read more »

    David Threadgold
  • 256.

    A woman of the snow.
    Yuki, her name, brings snow to the mountain peaks.
    She sits in the snow filled glade, her icy colored hair
    fell around her in ribbons. read more »

    Regan Meade
  • 257.

    The moon sheds soft and silver light
    upon the newly fallen snow
    A master piece for our delight.
    The city folk will never know. read more »

    ivor or ivor.e hogg
  • 258.
    sparkley snow

    white snow...
    white snow...
    white snow on the ground laying there in the day light sparkling away and while u sparkle there many people walking by enjoying your wounderful glow and sparkle. read more »

    joseph macquarrie
  • 259.

    The fluffy white snow falls from the sky,
    I take a deep breath and let out a cold sigh.
    I look to the left I turn to the right,
    it’s like fluffy white marshmallows within my sight. read more »

    Michael Loring
  • 260.
    Scenes from a New England Winter

    Streams of black winding there way from here to there
    cutting through a field of white
    trees struggling with all their might against the soft white invader
    as people stop and stare read more »

    Jim Milks
  • 261.
    Snow On Christmas(revised)

    The snow comes down so gently like God’s Love for Mary and for us
    When he gave us Jesus and Mary remained pure as snow. read more »

    Meg Harrison
  • 262.
    Easter Snow

    Easter is a time
    for change, sunshine,
    but where's the sun
    as I look out my, read more »

    jim foulk
  • 263.
    Coming Home at Twilight

    Coming down the trail at twilight,
    I am perilously close to
    being stranded in darkness.
    Earlier I had figured read more »

    Ken Nye
  • 264.
    Graveyard in the snow

    Today, I cannot find your grave,
    because the stone with your name
    is set in the earth,
    down, where it is not in the way, read more »

    Martina E. Elenbaas
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