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11nine - Poem by Charles Hice




Famous and not so famous nammes began to beg for my attentions before the mourning light has faded in all the deserted places.

Famous American Nicknamme Number One 'Connie'

Connie Conrad Weiser traveled to all the Indian capitals and negotiated many treaties they called him 'connie' it means conniver because he was so wise he made many inroads to peace even in spite of the fact that he lived with the Mohawks he was a survivor quite possibly a Christian though there is no evidence to support this the reason for this treatise is the bubble of peace that surrounded him and all the Indians quite largely disappeared with his demise for Death takes the Spirit Home to Christ.

Famous American Nicknamme Two 'Davit'

Davey 'Davit' Crockett this early pioneer was left with this early Nicknamme as the result of a fight he had at the boat docks with Mike Fink who simply did not like the color of his famous trademark SkunkCap he had taken the skunk in a fair fight and used the white fur with a black stripe he defeated the alarming FINK when the man was overcome by the fumes from the cap he called for the David they thought he was saying Davit after the lift for his famous raft. He swaned and Davit Crockett hit him with his best jab and won the fight is now in historic traces.

Famous American Nicknamme Number Three 'Johnny Appleseed' Jonathan Chapman little 'Johnny Appleseed' Jonathan Chapman was an American politician, serving as the tree planter for the generation of Appleists they all had wives and married young it was not unusual for them to be seen bobbing a lot. He was last seen near Idaho still wearing that silly IRON pot on his head some say it was a serving pot to make Applesauce and other apple soups. He traversed the land leaving many seeds podded behind him. Trees of Apple in a row go little Johnny go go go but Johnny Be Good was my favorite song once.

Famous American Nicknamme Number Four 'bigfooted'

Neil 'Bigfooted' Armstrong was a astronaut yearning for the stars when he joined the NASA program they said do not get your hopes up but we will get you to the moon. On July 20, Neil Armstrong became the first person to set foot on the Moon. That is when the Houston controllers said WAY to go 'Bigfooted'. This nicknamme stuck with him all the rest of the days of his life in this lifetime. He was astounded one day when his 6th grade teacher Mrs. Alpine Smith said how is it going there 'bigfooted' yew. He was surprised everytime someone remembered him.

Famous American Nicknamme Five 'CharlaX'

Charles 'CharlaX' Hice

This famous author and statesman was making a new fabel when the idea came for a new nicknamme he wanted to use Charlock because of the faith of the grain of the mustard seed and because there is already a CharlaX in France the soccer KING. The ax on the end of Charl refers of course to the CROSS of JESUS and makes the man appear to be religious in all his writings at least famous. He does not always make a JESUS reference in every fabel but the reader should take it as love for his ewe and grace from above in every fabel that eye dew there has got to be love a little place in my heart for humor not much and the liscence plate in place for the words that eye miss the spelling on.

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