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  • 61.
    Travel Haiku - China's Bird's Nest

    bird's nest
    pride is
    back to roost

    bird's nest
    an old pride is
    back to roost

    Bird's nest
    a golden pride
    back to roost

    Bird's Nest
    Chinese pride lays
    its golden eggs again

    Bird's Nest
    lost pride back
    to roost

    Bird's Nest
    Sportsmen fight to add
    the best feather on their caps

    Bird's Nest
    China counts
    its gold

    Bird's Nest
    for the world to collect
    its golden eggs

    In preparation for this summer's Olympics, in 2002 Chinese government officials began engaging architects worldwide to seek an innovative and striking design for the new Beijing National Stadium, what would be the centerpiece of the Beijing Olympics. Among the various designs submitted, Pritzker Prize-winning architects Herzog & de Meuron won the competition. The stadium, colloquially called the Bird’s Nest, held the opening ceremony on August 8. It is also the site of the track and field events, the soccer finals, and will hold the closing ceremony on August 24. read more »

  • 62.

    We must know where our kids are at all the time
    And protect them from danger
    We must teach them not to talk to strangers
    Joie de vivre read more »

  • 63.
    Ronaldo 1

    Ronaldo, The New Emperor
    It is the news in Portugal, the footballer Ronaldo has won a golden football
    and the country rejoices, after Eusebio died a new emperor is needed,
    a hero people can look up to, one who can continue the people’s culture.... read more »

  • 64.
    A Winning Shot!

    Playing games children learn about competition;
    Cut throat competition in politics make all mad!
    But cooperation and coordination none cares....;
    Life goes on as in competition for many in world! read more »

  • 65.
    Soccer Mom

    All the home town boys
    Wasting their time with oil and fire
    Took some time
    To flip a dime read more »

  • 66.

    Soccer is more than just a sport
    It's a common language and
    shared by many.
    The soccer field is my church, my sanctuary read more »

  • 67.

    I finally had the chance
    To meet the soccer king in
    Portugal after the
    Soccer game that I went read more »

  • 68.
    To Alan O Connor A Young K.R.R. Fan

    He was so young just fourteen years and he had one great dream
    To play for Killarney Road Rovers the Millstreet soccer team
    To play for Killarney Road Rovers and to prove himself a man
    He loved the game, he loved his team and he was a Rovers fan. read more »

  • 69.
    Memories Of Connie Tarrant's Wedding

    If there's a hell then I am doomed and for hell I am heading
    For I drove my car when I was drunk from Connie Tarrant's wedding,
    I drove my car when I was drunk and lived to tell the story
    Though I don't find no pride in that and that won't bring me glory. read more »

  • 70.

    FIFA ho with Samba ho,
    Run the Summer above to pray,
    All jazz the feet to put crown on head.
    Melodious Shkira singing great theme song read more »

  • 71.
    Today I am sixteen again

    A statue stands at the gate
    of the school,
    marking a place of distinction
    where children get the highest grades read more »

  • 72.
    The National Game Of Australia

    The National game of Australia is Australian Rules Football
    And the Aussies who love their game say 'tis the greatest game of all
    Soccer, Rugby Union and Rugby League and Cricket have their roots elsewhere
    But no truer Aussie sportsman than an Aussie Rules footy player, read more »

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