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Poems About: SOLDIER

In this page, poems on / about “soldier” are listed.

  • 61.
    Little Soldier Boy

    Little Soldier boy, fight hard.
    Fight for your country, your family, your friends.
    Fight for me, little soldier boy.
    Keep your head high, your spirit strong. read more »

    Nedra Pepin
  • 62.
    Death Serves In The Wars

    death serves on the front line
    he is on no one side
    and he dose not care who or why
    death serves on your side of the front line read more »

    Richard O'Connor
  • 63.

    A king should announce the war date by any messenger,
    king stops war when he got a compromise message from hostile.
    Hostile country cows and women are plundering by king,
    Hostile king and his soldiers are redeeming their cows and women. read more »

    k.sathish kumar
  • 64.
    Faces of war

    I've been in war twice, and it is not pretty or nice
    men and women put the uniforme on and it symoblizes strength
    carrying all your gear and weapon not knowing when to pull the trigger
    you're fighting with son or daughter of parents they love dearly read more »

    michael neguse
  • 65.
    Nigerian Biafran War

    The Biafrans cry separate
    Nigerians cry we are one
    The Nigerians and Biafrans
    in a royal rumble read more »

    micheal udenyi
  • 66.
    Every Soldier Has A Dream

    After a war a soldier sometimes has to cry as dreams of those memories waters in the eye.

    It's very sad when this world of ours goes to war.
    Peace is the thing that soldiers have fought and died for. read more »

    Paul McCann
  • 67.
    I am a soldier

    (explanation - This about a soldier who has gone through all walks of life, faced it all..carried burdens...its left him so shallow that he likes d feeling of it..being emotionless....considering himself a machine...people respect him....everyone likes it.its what he wants us to be like 'a soldier'....carry on with life as if nothing has happened....u cannot say that u have suffered d most when u cont even compare your hardships with others, ....
    its the total feeling of overcoming u won a battle)

    I love the pain of a wound read more »

    shashank shekhar roy
  • 68.
    The World Back Home...The Soldiers Life

    A baby is born on a bright sunny day,
    Soldiers dying in Iraq today.
    Business men with their hot latte,
    Soldiers hiding their fears away. read more »

    Philip Lore
  • 69.
    The Boy Patriot

    I want to be a Soldier!--
    A Soldier!--
    A Soldier!--
    I want to be a Soldier, with a sabre in my hand read more »

    James Whitcomb Riley
  • 70.
    Kittie’s Toys

    I wish I had a soldier, a soldier, a soldier,
    I wish I had a soldier to fight for love of me read more »

    Dora Sigerson Shorter
  • 71.
    The Battle

    The Beach is empty
    The Sand is untouched
    The Gun is clenched
    The Soldier, empty read more »

    Corey Fauchon
  • 72.
    Our Son

    Our Son the Soldier
    How great a man he must be
    To be joined in the fight to
    set another part of the world free read more »

    Denise Girod
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