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A21 The Birth Of Isaac - Poem by Simple Simon

As the Lord had promised,
Sarah became blessed;
To Abraham, she bore a son;
At God-said-time, he was born.

As 'Isaac', he was named;
The boy was circumcised
When he was eight days' old,
As commanded by God.

Abraham was hundred then,
When Isaac was born;
Sarah said, 'God brought me joy.
At this age, He gave me a boy.'

'I never thought a child
I would nurse in my hand;
Yet, I've borne Abraham
In his old age, a son to him.'

The child grew up well.
The day, he took a meal,
Abraham gave a feast,
That was grand and the best.

Hagar and Ishmael sent away

One day, Sarah saw Hagar's son,
At play with her own;
In annoyance, she told Abraham,
'Send away both of them'

'Hagar's son should not inherit
Your wealth, even a part of it.
Abraham felt this very bad,
As Ishmael was also his lad.

God said to Abraham then,
'Don't worry about your son
And Hagar, his mother.
Both, I'll take care.'

'Do whatever Sarah tells you.
Thro' Isaac I'll give you
The descendants I promised.
And that’ll be ensured.'

'I'll also give many children,
To the slave-girl's son,
Who'll have a nation,
In his turn, as your son.'

Early the next morning,
Abraham, with sad a feeling,
Sent off Hagar and child,
With water and food.

In the wilderness, as she walked
With the child, she became tired.
The water in the bag was gone.
Under a bush, she left her son.

At a distance, she sat and cried.
Her cry, the Lord heard.
God told her, 'Don't be afraid.
And have no worry about your child.'

'Go and comfort your son.
I'll give him a great nation;
With all his descendants,
He'll become prominent.'

When Hagar opened her eyes,
She saw a well near, nice;
Her leather bag, she filled
With water, drank and walked.

Under the Lord's vision,
She lived with her son,
In the wilderness of Paran,
Not a choice of her own.

God was with her growing son;
He too was Abraham's own.
A skillful hunter, he became.
In that field, he earned a name.

Years passed. He grew up well.
A good-looking Egyptian girl,
His mother found for him.
God built a nation for him.

The Agreement between Abraham
and Abimelech

One day, King Abimelech said,
“Oh Abraham, you’ve faith in God.
In every action of yours
With you always He’s.”

“From you I need a promise.
And also this assurance,
Never will you deceive us,
Me, my children, or descendants.”

“I’ve been always loyal to you.
I expect the same from you.
So, promise your loyalty,
Besides me, to this country.”

Abraham said, “I promise,
And this is my assurance.
My well, your servants have seized
I wish, it’s soon released.”

Seven lambs from his flock
The fat ones Abraham took
And gave them to the king
“What for? ” asked the king.

“In exchange for your goodwill
He said, “As I got back my well.”
This place had become popular.
As 'Beersheba', it was called later.

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  • Rookie Sandra Fowler (8/27/2006 8:51:00 PM)

    You are to be commended for your accurate presentation of the lives of these ancient
    people.Your verses are vivid and full of life. They paint memorable pictures for the pleasure and instruction of your readers. Take care.

    Kindest regards,

    Sandra (Report) Reply

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