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Poems About: SON

In this page, poems on / about “son” are listed.

  • 37.

    I saw a lovely encounter read more »

    Dicky Cantrell
  • 38.
    Hey Shabab, Where Is My Son?

    In life
    When elephants fight
    A flower dies
    So my son what they putted in your mind read more »

    sallam yassin
  • 39.

    Son kaya iniyor kuyu aydinlaniyor
    Ses insanin derinlerde parlayan
    Son isyan denemesi oluyor güzel read more »

    Sezai Karakoç
  • 40.
    Journey Discovered

    He sat back watched and laughed
    As the “Son of God” was persecuted
    he sat back watched and laughed
    As the “Son of God” quietly disputed read more »

    Priscilla Brown
  • 41.

    Husband died of a whole in the heart
    Son one died of a whole in the heart
    Son two died of a whole in the heart
    Son three died of a whole in the heart read more »

    Doris Dzameshie
  • 42.
    Praise me not.

    Here they come, in low tones,
    Eagle eyed, prey in hearts, concealed
    He is our son, bring him up! Only ram for our ewes. read more »

    Charles Jagongo Ogola
  • 43.


    In thy world, any one is for none, read more »

    Manish Kumar Majumdar
  • 44.
    My Son

    My son, I can see so many good things in you
    And here I am really honest and true.
    My son, I love it when your caring heart opens wide
    When I had a headache you came and sat by my side read more »

    Aufie Zophy
  • 45.
    To A Mother The Son Does Not Grow Adult

    Mother, is the living shrine,
    To her eye the son remains ever green,
    Whole the world is aware of the son,
    The mother’s eye never transforms from the morn. read more »

    Subrata Ray
  • 46.
    I need you son,

    I need you son,
    I need you son,
    This is the telling,
    That you are there for me, read more »

    maxpoet beauty
  • 47.
    My Son

    Kai, my sensitive son.
    An old soul.
    So much to teach.
    My son read more »

    Misty Talbot
  • 48.
    Mama Said Also-Good Uns'

    Son 'Always remember to follow your heart, or a compass'

    Son ' Never go out with a lady who doesn't wear underwear, for she is
    to lazy to wash' read more »

    Barry A. Lanier
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