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The Scholar - Poem by Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

The great father a scholar and wise gentleman himself
Called on his only son swetaketu, the most intelligent
Asked to begin his studies from a perfect teacher
Who himself must be the most intelligent and scholar
Whose dedicated teachings will make him well learnt
In all subjects of philosophy and several other texts
That helps him to make himself most learnt and wise
who can make arguments with the competent ones
And gain the title of the best of the learnt ones
The name of the teacher was selected by the father
After thorough scrutiny, satisfaction of credentials
The most loyal son with reverence to the father
Agreed to go for his studies in full dedication
The date was fixed and started the journey
With lot of ideas, confidence and courage
That make him a perfect individual to lead the life
And make his presence with lot of admiration
From the kings and subjects of the whole world
Started the studies in best of times and spirits
Satisfying the completion of lessons as prescribed
Getting the blessings of his teacher he returned
To inform the father his gains of knowledge
Father in good happiness asked the son to explain
What he has learnt from the studies he done
He told with proud that I have completed full studies
Father replied in the negative and asked to go back
And seek the knowledge in actual terms and conditions
And tell my opinion of you to the teacher and gain
The further knowledge which are still not you learnt
The disciplined son went back to the enlightened teacher
And told the opinion of the father with anxious to gain
The remaining knowledge to make him full proof
Competent enough to face the scholarly challenges
That may be occur in his future life with others
After getting the exactness of knowledge in his ears
His mind, intuition, and intelligence awaken
Returned to the father and said that
Knowledge is a vast ocean and I have not learnt yet
That I have understood in my second journey my father
The great father who is wise and studied himself a scholar
Told the son you have learnt almost the lessons
That I have expected from a noble son like you
Your name will be the fame of the country and world
Where people will respect you and admire
Your intelligence and wise decisions in future
Will be a roll model for the future students
Oh! my beloved son, the perfect knowledge of the unknown
Is the knowledge you have learnt as a wise and nice
May your glory and fame ever be bright and shine
Just like the stars that twinkle in the space.

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