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Wishing For A Song - Poem by tinashe severa

Tears dropp down my eyes,
my heart no longer beats, but throbs
my throat dries up, my eyes pulsate
a malign emptiness creeps up my soul,
....tears continue to stream down my cheeks,
Vision of myself walking through a crystal maze continue to haunt me,
trudging on relentlessly,
yet encapsulating myself even further with every step i take,
the sun begins to set on me,
...oblivion draws nearer,

...across the enumerable layers
of the walls of this crystal maze,
a small fire burns, illuminating my way through,
a fire kept alight sorely by images of you,
standing beside me,
walking towards me,
your enchanting smile,
small flashbacks of all the times we have spent together,
...but the emptiness still creeps up my soul,
devulging all the flickering glimpses of happiness,
that protrude across the path of its relentless quest,
as the minutes waver, the fire chokes itself out,
and the emptiness becomes my being
i lie down, wearily,
wishing that i could write you a song,
a song filled with nothing but the tongs of my undying love for you,
every note depicting all that you mean to me,
the very tempo of the song
in perfect synchrony to the way my ailing heart yearns for you,
my hands would clasp the song,
and when all my thirst for life cinders off
my hands would heave the song and lay it,
across the breadth of my heart
.... that is the way i would want to lay in my final hour,
a prayer i would then utter,
before my final departure,
begging all who dwell in the heavens,
to come and lift the song away,
and sing it in the midst of the clouds
with harps and heavenly choruses,
adding divine melodies to to my words,
as my love for you is pure, untainted
and shared by no other,
only you.......,
will hear this song,
your eyes only will bear witness to this

if i could write you a song,
it would bring you this and more

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