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“a Story, A Love” - Poem by Anees Rahman

And I begin with a hearty farewell,
In the hereafter, may their eyes rest in peace!
No king ever awake their sleep,
Let every love to love speak their names,
May the death never bring a decline to their tale,
In the history of the strangely loved, long live their names
And never a shade in their eternal love, be fallen.

By the lake, in his arms, with pure innocence, she lay
Holding firmly in her hand, the soul of her love,
When the last dropp of the sacred blood,
Fell off her wrist …,
It read…..

“My love,
This letter, my soul, I give in your hands,
The letters my blood, the words my emotion,
May you finish reading, no letters shall flow therein
This obscure land, again becomes a lover short,
Poor me…
My pain and sorrow, wishing you love, happiness and care
I see your tears in my soul, hope it get absorbed,
Lives awaiting you here and our past your nightmare…
I pray for your son, whom I can’t....and shall never have....”

How they died…, how they loved …, how come they met?
Time rewinds…the day ends …the twilight….the dusk…
The lake and besides it, in the darkness of the night, came she,
To rest, to lay her mind, in the mattress of peace.
Her heart filled with tears, than blood.
Her fathers debts, heavily, weighing on her shoulders
Her shoulders and mind turned pink, the reluctance to marry.
This unknown, whom nor a sight or love, of hers had a glance,
Not that she loved any, but heard the tales of her beauty
That unites two hearts; even the death unable to kill their bond
Where the lovely buds of peace blossom their soul,
The old and the young to sing to the springs, the songs of their tales,
And the stories of the strangely loved, carved on the doors of heaven

The time changed its course, and the night in her grief,
Slowed down its pace, its silence, awaiting her sound.
Her lips gaped, words into a sonnet, flew across the river,
The breeze, escorting, takes them, through the windows,
Into this small house, the one of a young handsome poet,
Knocking his ears, his sleep came to a halt…..
A sound too sweet and beautiful, heard only in his poems and dreams,
Through the breeze he chased the words, hoping, a new sun to shine,
Between the words he saw the unhealed wound, and its blood oozing,
And as he closed, from the far of the near, a spectacle…..
Oh, the beauty…..!

A lovely shining necklace, across the river, hanging from the sky.
A star brought upon earth, paying the heavens, as a price.
Stunned and shaken, he walks, counting the pearls, one by one,
But, before that the last he counted, steps into the river,
The sonnet came to a pause-

His body painted chills and shiver with water,
And a mild warmth, as she stepped close him,
Her eyes curious to see, if the man was breathing,
Kneels on her knees, his head in her hands, and his eyes opens…

Of all he counted, the most beautiful and the most glorious pearl,
Her lips…, now in proximity, and his eyes ignited in a split second,
He lifts his eyebrows, and strikes, those innocent eyes, of hers,
Waving its wings, staying afloat in the sea of her shining face,
Their sorrows and the past washed off, in between,
Wanting to know, their breaths exchanged for words,
The leaves and the flowers sung around their happiness,
Holding their hands together, the night walked its length,
And the spirits of love penetrated their souls, with each its steps,

The rays of light climbed the hills,
And the sun arose from its cleaves,
They swore their lips shall kiss in the nights therein
His lyrics, sung into sonnets of her tune, in the nights that passed,
And their love grown tall, spreading its roots into the depths,
Hoping it shall never shake, even in the mightiest hurricanes.

But what can he do, against the power of a tyrant, the keeper of the lands?
Oh, the poor poet ….!
Never had his youth seen a world, than that of the fairies and angels,
The dreams and the heavens, the ones that he read and wrote,
But the ugly truth, tortured and aimed his innocent heart,
The knife across its length,
And he was left in his own house, to bleed till death.
But before his spirits left, he pulled his body to his chair,
Wrote his last words, for his love, and flew into the world he knew….
THE END ©Anees Rahman

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