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  • 205.
    Alankar (Decor) -17

    Planning Of A Housewife
    (Sonnets-shakespearen and petrarchan style

    Shakespearean sonnet-
    made up of 3 quatrains and ending in a rhymed couplet.
    metric, written in iambic pentameter.
    rhyme scheme is abab cdcd efef gg.

    The defining features of the Italian or Petrarchan Sonnets are:
    a single quatorzain made up of an octave followed by a sestet.
    metered, iambic pentameter.The octave made up of envelope quatrains rhymed abba abba is followed by a sestet made up of 2 tercets with a choice of envelope, chained or alternate rhyme. cdccdc or cdecde or cdcdcd.


    I plan this way that way, no way it works
    Jumbled my chores a waste confuse undone
    Rushing it starts a day berserk just quirks
    No day perfect as wished nothing well done
    I am worried for I am not perfect
    So new I plan with sense a time-table
    Expenditure, worktime well schemed just right
    Refreshed my life revised I feel able
    Abiding by my own rules I am brisk
    Running with the clock restless well all done
    But then..restless running now stirs to frisk
    Fatigued I feel so much senseless my run

    So I rest, I muse why my plans just break
    I learn, need rest then and then to betake


    But all is not well always as we think
    Just guess who can impair my brainy plan
    In pour and pour next and next kinship clan
    I can't but I should so I smile and blink
    Chopping, cooking, serving, cleaning fine link
    Chatting eating taking more time with clan
    Fatigued I feel again is wrong my plan
    So I rethink, rethink why I so sink

    I rest, I muse why my plans go so wrong
    Learn I should partwith and spare time for guest
    As such I muse revise my new day-song
    So that I spend and rest and spend my best
    In peace and joy at ease all well so strong
    Then my days each go smooth in bliss best blest


    But all is not well always as we like
    Just guess what goes wrong against my wishing
    Fate, my folks one by one fall sick alike
    Sick home in need of my caring helping
    You should ask not about the maid servant
    Hopeless creatures pretend to work cheating
    Helpless me yet have her as assistant
    Needy standby in time of call waiting
    Viral febrile season infests hell-like
    I know I should take care well attending
    And me caution myself of sick alike
    Calpol, crocin, all pills me depending

    But then..timeless running now stirs to frisk
    My fate, I rest, reset, replan more brisk


    But all is not well always as we hope
    Just guess what snubs all my wishful efforts
    Fate, wishers throng in to preach like experts
    Busy, busy with tea me just aslope
    Bidding bye then giddy me fall down grope
    Only lucky persons are blest experts
    Why then my sprained legs fail all my efforts
    Bed rest makes me muse to replan with hope

    But then..God's wish reminds me of something
    Journeys, perhaps sacred are not counted
    Every plan each missing my traveling
    Relaxed my mind musing bed arrested
    Well me with heart refreshed revise planning
    Rest and guest and sick and travels counted read more »

  • 206.
    When words fail, similes fall short…

    Some paint the beauty of their blesséd love
    In beauteous fair words in waltzy verse,
    Some keep be-framed likeness in pouch or purse,
    Or in whatso ways fancy may one move; read more »

  • 207.
    A Love Assonance (A Valentine Poem)

    Come close by and tell
    me did you know me in a silent wish
    and formed my laugh in a magical dish?
    In kind I ask you spell, read more »

  • 208.
    Rev. Out, Damned Spot!

    [The Crab Sonnets]

    Out, damned spot! -Lady Macbeth read more »

  • 209.
    Translations Sonnets pour Hélène Pierre de Ronsard - Hence, from Nursing Mother

    Translations Sonnets pour Hélène Pierre de Ronsard -

    Hence, from Nursing Mother read more »

  • 210.
    Translations Sonnets pour Hélène Pierre de Ronsard - Another Lantern

    Translations Sonnets pour Hélène Pierre de Ronsard - read more »

  • 211.
    Shakespeare And Sylvia

    Shakespeare awoke as
    the world was sleeping
    and wrote a sonnet for
    Sylvia, his 'sweeting', read more »

  • 212.
    A poet and river

    A stream I am struggling with tears,
    Blocked on way mine by a boulder stone,
    And wonder how to move on my own,
    How to flow unhindered free from fears. read more »

  • 213.
    Bell's Palsy XI - Schemes Dreamed

    Before the clock rang four nine sonnets sprang
    spontaneous as rain on window pane
    drummed up old drams while drowning out cold pain,
    symphonic salvoes which strange pattern sang. read more »

  • 214.
    Evil ways are nine

    If whoso fights should sure suffer defeat,
    Naught is worth fighting o’er in this tired earth,
    If there’s naught worth opposing, retreat,
    To fight for one’s view is an idle mirth, read more »

  • 215.
    We and all else

    Countless creatures repair back to Death’s door
    Day in and out, and yet those naught yet feign
    To feel, they hail from heaven’s deathless shore;
    What can be stranger still, oh, what more vain? read more »

  • 216.
    Alankar (Decor) -166

    Dance O' Bird Turquoise(Shadow Sonnet)

    The Shadow Sonnet is a fairly recent invented form byAmera M. Anderson. This sonnet uses homophonic word repetition at the start and finish of each line to create a shadow effect. read more »

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