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Crow[n]ing Appreciation - Poem by Jonathan ROBIN

CROW[N]ING APPRECIATION Kindly refer to notes

May this rhymed reel appreciation show
An insight into mind prismatic whose
Unrivalled aptitudes should make world news
Dare we delve deep beneath sweet surface glow.
Ever instincts’ sentinels tap flow,
Meditate on standards she pursues -
Awareness and autonomy won’t loose.
Undouted search from perch where most might crow
Dreaming on teaming, fearing fall below.
Excellence, integrity no excuse
MAy ever accept, though rigid rules are cues
Used more to guide than bind or keep in toe.
Destiny’s rejected. Free will traces
Extensive network independence chases.

Extensive network independence chases
Despises narrow minds, unwinds tall tales,
Upstanding and outstanding spirit sails
Across life’s story book, trumps adverse aces.
Methodical self-investiment finds its basis
Evident in channelled thought, hope hails
Delivery through conduct hale life’s gales
Untimely may withstand, reed storm blown braces
As wild winds pass, wind zephyr soft replaces.
Merit innate turns down bait, weighs on scales,
Efforts needed to succeed, ne’er pales.
DUe diligence here’s hallmark setting paces.
Age may not touch tomorrow’s fairest bride,
Much water flows beneath her bridges wide.

Much water flows beneath her bridges wide,
Awash with feelings, teeming through teamed dreams
Untroubled, which reward with joy whose streams
Defy misfortunes rippling on life’s tide.
Errors made are swiftly rectified.
Mehr licht, more light at tunnel’s end thus gleams,
Adding enchantment’s magic lantern beams.
United mind~emotions forward ride
Drive over preplanned schemes that thay deride,
Elect to let controls lapse, pick up steam.
MAid hand in hand safe haven meets, it seems,
Unshutters blinds love hampers, may divide.
Desire discovers doors at last unlock,
Efforts rewards may find through culture shock.

Efforts rewards may find through culture shock
Disturbing double-bind chains lasting years,
Universal language dries all tears,
Anguish melts as Franco-English stock
Merges, satisfaction surges. Rock
Ever sure protects from passing spears,
Defeating darkness which soon disappears.
Unique entente defies false fears which flock
Around affection true, would credit dock.
Mistaken envy thrives on insincere
Ego’s repressed regrets. Love, conscience clear,
DUst wipes before it settles chock-a-block.
Affection is inspired by Cupid’s dart,
Masterful approach checks heart’s headstart.

Masterful approach checks heart’s headstart.
Awaits an opportunity to shed
Undue restraints with self-denial wed –
Double-bind paradox too many chart.
Excessive rules upset love’s applecart.
Maybe the timing’s right for clean, fresh start.
Allowing tenderness two surge ahead,
Untying knots and dark spots, thoughts unsaid,
Dissolving difficulties close, apart.
Energized by strengths pooled which, when fed,
MAke all aims seem attainable, melt dread.
Unlimited horizons à la carte reinforce
Draw on refreshing themes spurned fears turn back, -
Emotions whose rich promise none should lack.

Emotions, whose rich promise none should lack,
Division conquer, multiply delight,
Untangle complications causing blight,
Add light to love above life’s clouds grey-black,
Mirage temptations disregard, setback
Exchange for breakthrough to conjoined greenlight
Denying narrow-minded copyright,
Untrammelled by pure principled insight.
Ask and it shall be given crackerjack!
Maintaining balance love leaves love some slack
Enhancing partnership, needs no hindsight.
DUe to some guilty conscience out of sight.
Appreciation, mutal tenderness,
Mock not wise words weave woven which assess.

Mock not wise words weave woven which assess
Assets and liabilities to seek
Unity, spurning compromises weak
Derived from cover-ups few others guess
Extending inhibitions. Nonetheless,
Mollycoddling is not an answer. Speak,
Always truth to pauper, princess chic.
Unbiased heart finds forwarding address,
Deeds meaning more than wishful thinking mess.
Encouraging affection cheek-to-cheek,
MAgic touch enhances love’s mystique,
Unworn through time, e’er easing inner stress.
Deserved is crown surrounding golden hair.
Energy concentrates on talents rare.

Energy concentrates on talents rare.
Deployed are pen and [th]ink on online screen.
Unseen by most, these inklings here set scene -
Ambivalence rejected – for dream’s care
Mending fortune’s slings and arrows where
Efforts past unrecognized have been.
Delicate attention’s paid - fourteen
Urgent sonnets stream as fountain fair,
And offer maiden homage as hors pair.
Measureless momentum in between
Each line upholds one message sweet, serene,
‘DUlce et decorum est’ I swear.
Art for art’s sake is not entire intent.
Mistake not crown as simple compliment.

Mistake not crown as simple compliment
As empty praise bereft of understanding,
Uncalled-for though mellifluous, demanding
Desired ovation standing. Pure love’s scent
Emerging zeal may feel, may represent
Much more than make-believe, skill notwithstanding.
Accept these verses brightly interbanding
Unreel each verse, let censure’s eyes relent.
Dexterity’s no proof of feelings meant.
Expressed, however, here, stays in good standing.
MArk not set scansion sinews sarabanding,
Unified structure. Sentiments cement!
Desecration would be fruitless write
Expanding your equation infinite.

Expanding your equation infinite.
Description paints reality’s true splendour,
Uprising against Time, Love’s never-ender,
Always vibrant, never recondite.
Metal base transmutes this acolyte
Even as gold no Croesus could engender,
Dedication splices sent and sender
Undivided braving doom’s gloom night
As inspiration leaps synaptic flight
Mesmerizing Chronos, faith’s defender
Endures all tribulations, trials, surrender
DUly dumfounded by twinned maiden, knight.
As is these lines which age like vintage wine,
Magic smile and sense of style combine.

Magic smile and sense of style combine
As style and sense incensed scorn spoken phrase.
Umpire against equivocation’s haze,
Discredits all dividing Columbine
Enamoured from Pierrot valentine.
Mask falls, all’s music melting winter’s ways,
All life is granted extra holidays,
Urgency no sense retains, timeline
Dissociates itself from weary whine
Entranced by verbal dance Death’s sickle stays.
MAnkind no language knows to paraphrase
Unequalled beauty, peerless as pristine.
Discretion shuns hyperbole remiss,
Expressed here’s but a tithe of one sweet kiss

Expressed here’s but a tithe of one sweet kiss
Decimal point unfathomable of Pi
Unyielding to vain logic’s question why
An angel could resist sly serpent’s hiss.
Many seek perfection. Only this
Example’s proved as precedent. Some try
Desperately to reach Nirvana high, -
Unravelled pretensions Time must e’er dismiss.
Apart from one all’s sa[i]d and done, no bliss
May on this earth be found, all live and die -
Each in lone cell hived off, they fretful sigh
DUring short sojourn few review, few miss.
As paragon she proves praise vain expense -
Milk and honey, myrrh and frankincense.

Milk and honey, myrrh and frankincense.
Are re-reflected to infinity,
Under and over, far, propinquity,
Directions – north, south, east and west, lose sense.
Encounter proved to be experience
Mind-shattering event, divinity
At last released from clandestinity,
Unparalleled in sheer magnificence.
Divinity too strong might seem, dissents
Expressing flattery, absurdity,
MAybe, but scribe in all humility
Unveils his feelings sans ambivalence.
Discouragement can’t sap, trap joy sublime,
Extinguish flame resisting tide and time.

Extinguish flame resisting tide and time
Denies creation’s rhyme and reason, thus
Useless would render verse, as pointless fuss,
As flotsam, jetsam, tantamount to crime.
Mysterious is love, whose constant climb
Excludes descent, can never miss the bus,
Declining never, adding plus to plus,
Unerringly throughout life’s pantomime, -
An endless updraft crafting causal chime
Momentous echo flowing onwards. Us?
Eternity as_scribed ubiquitous,
DUo daily reinforced, ultime.
As real reveals all others shadows sow,
May this rhymed reel appreciation show.

6 April 2009 robi03_1878_robi03_0000 AQS_LXX

The acrostic MAUDE is capitalized and maintained throughout - alternatively MAUDE and EDUAM so as to respond to sonnet crown technicalities. A crown of sonnets is a set of linked sonnets, usually from seven to fourteen, where the final line of each sonnet is repeated as the first line of the next, the final line of the final sonnet is the same as the first line of the first, closing the crown.

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