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The Greatest Plague - Poem by Jacob Courtney

Hate consumes the people of the world like a
plague that kills. Turn to hate we do in times
where things are wrong in thine eyes. Try to
justify it by calling it what you like but in
the end it all amounts to hate. Someone attacks
the weak we go after them claiming justice but
we allow the anger to lead us away. Sorrow can
leads us to hate without a soul even realizing
it. So hate has the ulitmate power in this world
that call home. Hate is everything that does not
envelop love or happiness. We allow more hate
than love in this land. You can call it what you
like. Spite anger sorrow loss sadness jealousy
pain. They all lead down the road to hatred.
The paths may go in different ways but all in
in the same place. Being there alone without
a person to stand at your side. Without the
happiness and joys of life. You can say that
sorrow loss and sadness are not hate but when
you think about it your sorrow can turn feeling
sorrow for a person can turn to hurting another
you feel anger towards those who would not help.
Loss you blame someone or something for taking
someone away from you. Perhaps your loss can
change into seeking vengence. Sadness how could
it turn you wander but sadness it self it loss
and sorrow. When sad you are easily swayed by
one of great influence good or bad. Hate has
the power to do more to us than one can ever
think or imagine. For those who do no see it
just turn the pages back in time and all shall
be revealed then. Hate is destroying us swiftly
one day at a time. Hate is the worlds greatest

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