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Poems About: SORROW

In this page, poems on / about “sorrow” are listed.

  • 49.
    Valley of death

    Tears of sorrow poured profusely down their cheeks
    Holy hymns were lost and dirges were heard for weeks
    Peace escaped and hatred made its home
    Forcibly in the valley for many to mourn read more »

    julius lenjatin
  • 50.
    The Sorrows Of the Seas

    Look out at the sea,
    You feel it,
    But it is not the sea you feel is it,
    It is but your soul, read more »

    Samantha Guinen
  • 51.
    Come Ye Heavy States Of Night

    Come ye heavy states of night,
    Do my father's spirit right,
    Soundings baleful let me borrow, read more »

    John Dowland
  • 52.
    Dancing with Sorrow

    Amidst a garden in a twist of fate
    I dance with Sorrow in an evening late
    We hold our hands and tend our steps in pace
    Then glide like silk with songs of Tears in grace read more »

    Roland Jr Jamito
  • 53.
    Sorrow, oh Sorrow

    Sorrow, oh sorrow
    I feel sad, bad and hurt.
    Smashed, crushed and bruised.
    Can this sorrow wait til tomorrow read more »

    Cheryl Love
  • 54.
    My Sorrow

    My sorrow
    once I knew you.
    My sorrow
    now I don't know you. read more »

    Sayeed Abubakar
  • 55.
    My Sorrow

    I opened up my arms,
    To where you shall be held,
    You turned away your face,
    And that is why i have sorrow, read more »

    jessica patenaude
  • 56.
    The Clown’s Sorrow

    Sorrow wrapping his face,
    Sat a man in a park.
    An old man got to him
    And made a chat with him. read more »

    Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.
  • 57.
    Dreadful Tears

    Rolling down from eyes tears,
    Twisted with sorrow and bliss,
    Hunt words to words to kiss,
    Lines to lines to create verse, read more »

    Rose Rosado
  • 58.
    Knowing Silence

    And every Silence has a knowing
    And every knowing has a Wisdom
    And every Wisdom has a sorrow
    And every sorrow has a kingdom read more »

    Philo Yan
  • 59.
    Tears of rivers

    Every river has tears
    some shed in joys
    some in sorrows read more »

    ramesh rai
  • 60.
    Bury It

    My lover gave me sorrow
    A deep as drifting snow read more »

    Leria Hawkins
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