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Poems About: SORROW

In this page, poems on / about “sorrow” are listed.

  • 73.
    Drown my sorrows

    Drown me,
    Drown my depression,
    Drown my sorrows,
    All the things I have done hurts me inside, read more »

    Jennifer Rondeau
  • 74.

    Sorrow is a Serpent,
    It enwraps itself around me
    Snapping bones & crushing organs
    So asphyxiating... read more »

    Derek Germain
  • 75.

    You catch me watching you,
    your laughing smile inquires what I'm about,
    I say nothing, but my heart is full of wonder,
    at the depth of sorrow in your eyes. read more »

    Jeffrey Stultz
  • 76.
    The Mathematics of life

    If you add
    Sorrows and happiness
    The sum becomes the human life.
    If you subtract read more »

    Ravi Panamanna
  • 77.

    Dieing, read more »

    Nicole Arishenkoff
  • 78.
    Sorrow found me

    Bought a ticket for a train
    swam the deepest underwater caves
    booked a flight on a plane
    but I found nothing had changed read more »

    Caroline Guedes
  • 79.
    The sweet sound of sorrow

    I have had my share do not despair
    the sweet sound of sorrow
    Sorrow so deep I could not sleep
    Thinking this must all end tomorrow read more »

    Mark Stone
  • 80.
    Of Sorrow and Tears

    Sorrow muffled, morphs:
    A weeping willow soaking
    Into lake-heart! read more »

    indira babbellapati
  • 81.
    A memory

    Trapped in a land of shadows,
    rise the incessant tides rushing into coves of sanctity,
    thrashing in wild fury, destruct now the present,
    a thousand veiled disguises, remembrances of sorrow and poignance, read more »

    Joey Wade
  • 82.
    Walk With Me [Villanelle]

    Morning blessed me today
    For you with me took stride
    As you walked my sorrows away read more »

    David Munene wa Kimberly
  • 83.

    When you are trying to give me sorrow
    i don't mind
    at the junction i take another direction
    away from you read more »

  • 84.
    Dawn Break

    stillness ruled
    oh, in this bleak
    may day night
    not even a single read more »

    Cyrus Diaz
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