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Im Sorry - Poem by Poetic Philosopher

“I’m Sorry”

I knew that heartbreak was far due east
But I didn’t expect it to come so quick and fast
For I couldn’t be there for you in your time of need
Because I my mind was racing with pain at a tremendous speed
While still trying to erase my own dilemma
Yet I was stuck in the very middle of different kinds of drama
But that’s still no excuse for what I did
And I understand if friendship is what you forbid
So now all I can do is say im sorry
While hoping an end comes to my worry
Knowing that not even a thousand apologies can change this ordeal
Or even modify the way you feel
So please listen to what I have to say
And I hope you’ll forgive me on this very day
Im sorry that you fell into that well
Im sorry I wasn’t there to catch you before you fell
Im sorry I was in the wrong place at the wrong time
Im sorry that the only thing I could do was make this rhyme
Im sorry I wasn’t there to wipe the tears from your eyes
Im sorry I wasn’t there to chase away your butterflies
Im sorry my words of wisdom and thoughts weren’t supplied
Im sorry you had no one to comfort you as you cried
Im sorry that you had to do everything alone
Im sorry that your heart broke like a shattered bone
But I can tell you one thing that truly comes from my heart
And it’s something I should have told you from the start
It’s that im not sorry for giving you someone to converse with
Im not sorry for being your reality and not a myth
Im not sorry for ever being your friend
Im not sorry for always wanting to see you happy until the end
Im not sorry for always putting a smile on your face
Im not sorry for sending your worries far into outer space
Im not sorry for always showing you the right path to take
Im not sorry for helping you choose what bonds to share or make
And most of all im not sorry that I ever met you
For to stand by your side I have chosen to be amongst the few
Because you helped me see friendships true reward
A prize that will ensure that no one is left alone or ignored

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