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Poems About: SORRY

In this page, poems on / about “sorry” are listed.

  • 277.


    Sorry to each and every girl I have ever slept with; read more »

    AaI Harvey
  • 278.

    I'm sorry that it was you in that crash
    I'm sorry that you got hurt
    I'm sorry that you're in the hospital
    I'm sorry that I can't be there read more »

    Ashley Olson
  • 279.
    A Friend And A Best Friend

    Sorry for the stupid things that I have said
    A best friend will always know the right things to say to you
    Sorry for not listening more instead
    A best friend will always listen to you read more »

    Jared Riesen
  • 280.
    So sorry I hurt you

    I am So Sorry I hurt you,
    Words that are void and empty.
    Meaningless to the intelligent,
    But hold Purpose to the ignorant. read more »

    Dougie Fresh
  • 281.

    I am truely sorry.
    Sorry for acusing.
    Sorry for reacting.
    Sorry for believeing. read more »

    Alexis Weiermann
  • 282.
    Becouse I Love You

    I’ve been waiting
    Waiting for you to say something
    Waiting for you to tell me anything
    But I’m tired of waiting read more »

    sami ...
  • 283.
    Poet's Plea For Forgiveness

    If I have hurt,
    I am sorry.
    If I have been wrong,
    I am sorry. read more »

    James Grengs
  • 284.

    The last time I saw these skylines,
    You were here too,
    They weren't as damp or dark then,
    They had some hope, read more »

    Dani Baxter
  • 285.

    I’m sorry for all the things I’ve done
    I’m sorry for what I have become.
    I’m sorry for the way I called you names
    I’m sorry because.. without you I’m not the same. read more »

    Kendra Oberle
  • 286.
    Sorry for every thing

    Sorry! that i loved you, without your permision;
    Sorry! that i looked you, that let me to love you;
    Sorry! that i disturb you by telling something wrong;
    Sorry! that i gave pain that you'r not found; read more »

    Ali Hussain
  • 287.

    Sorry - it is only but a word,
    Seldom said & seldom heard.
    The truth is sometimes better left unsaid,
    If you don't really mean it & cause tears to shed. read more »

  • 288.

    You tell me that I'm too good for you
    But you won't say why this is true

    How do I know that this is a fact read more »

    Lauren Pandy
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