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Poems About: SORRY

In this page, poems on / about “sorry” are listed.

  • 325.
    I'm Sorry...So Forgive Me

    I'm sorry
    I'm sorry of all those long lost days that can never be
    I'm sorry I ruined the feeling in us
    I'm sorry that I hurt you when you gave me all your trust read more »

    Candace Johnson
  • 326.
    I'm Sorry

    I'm sorry that you hate me
    I'm sorry that you love
    I'm sorry for what I've done to hurt you
    Forgive me read more »

    Anonymous XXX
  • 327.
    Im Sorry

    read more »

    ali chessmore
  • 328.
    a brother's keeper

    sorry sorry sorry
    but i am not a brother's keeper

    my hands tremble read more »

    Suki Nakamura
  • 329.
    Im Sorry

    I am sorry Mother
    I am sorry I didnt believe you
    I am sorry I listened to him read more »

    Makayla Straight
  • 330.
    You're Sorry

    Don't tell me
    You're sorry
    You had your chance
    And you blew it read more »

    Ryan Taylor
  • 331.
    - -Austin- -

    im sorry that we ended like this.
    im sorry that u couldnt see.
    im sorry that there is no more me and you. read more »

    Cheyanne Johnson
  • 332.
    i'm sorry

    im sorry for ever loving you.
    im sorry for making you mad
    im sorry for not knowing that loving me was ever really that bad
    im sorry if i had caused you pain. read more »

    marissa e '
  • 333.

    I'm sorry for the damage I've done.
    For the things I've done wrong
    and for the wrong things other people have done.
    And because I love them, read more »

    Heart of Ice Die Die Die
  • 334.
    Sorry Mom and Dad

    Sorry mom and dad, for doing wrong instead of right.
    Sorry mom and dad that I had gotten into all those fight.
    Sorry mom and dad, for lying instead of the truth.
    Sorry mom and dad, for being really rude. read more »

    Crystal Camacho
  • 335.
    Feeling Sorry for someone

    I feel sorry for you
    that kind of sorry where nothing
    is left to say to that someone,
    but you still keep trying. read more »

    Hana Ali
  • 336.
    Can Sorry Mend A Broken Heart?

    Can 'sorry' mend a broken heart?

    Can 'sorry' take back words that destroy? read more »

    (brief renderings) Joe Fazio
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