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Sorry - Poem by Heart of Ice Die Die Die

I'm sorry for the damage I've done.
For the things I've done wrong
and for the wrong things other people have done.
And because I love them,
I'll take that blame from them.
And only for them.
I'm sorry I can't do anything right,
and I'm sorry I ask too much.
I'm sorry for the times I hurt you and for the times I'm not strong enough for you. For the times when I ask too much or I do something wrong.
I'm sorry for when I say the wrong thing and I don't listen. The times when I can't do anything right.
Broken Rainbow-
I'm sorry I left you, I'll never forgive myself. Sorry that I hurt you, I didn't mean for it too happen. I just couldn't, and I'm sorry for that too.
Beautiful Nightmare-
Sorry that I'm not pretty enough and I'm sorry that I still try. Unfortunate I know, and I'm sorry that you're confused and sorry for being so young.
My Almost Boyfriend-
Sorry that I don't love you back and I'm sorry I still want to be friends, even though I know it hurts you.
My Almost Love-
And for you, I'm say my greatest sorry. Because of all the people I hurt, I think I hurt you the most. I hurt you, even when I'm not there. And I hurt you when I am there because I won't be with you. And I'm so, so sorry for all that I've done to you. Sorry I still try to make it better. I'm sorry that I visit you in your dreams as well as my own. I'm sorry that even though I know it's true, I won't say that I love you. Because I don't want to believe it. And I'm sorry I don't. But right now, I can't say it. Because I'm so close... I'm sorry, I'm sorry. When my dream is tromped, as I'm so sure it will be, I'll say I love you. Even though, I know you won't take me, because I hurt you too much. And I don't blame you. I wouldn't either.
I'm sorry.


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