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Poems About: SORRY

In this page, poems on / about “sorry” are listed.

  • 85.
    I'm really sorry

    I'm sorry I am me
    I'm sorry we couldn't be

    I'm sorry I broke your heart read more »

    Elysia Sutton
  • 86.
    Sorry What I Said

    Sorry i said things
    sorry i did things
    that i did not mean to be true
    sorry for the tears read more »

    Thomas Fuston
  • 87.
    Im Sorry

    Im sorry for all the things ive done
    Im sorry for what i have become
    Im sorry for the way i call you names
    Im sorry because without you im not the same read more »

    nicholas casillas
  • 88.
    Im Sorry

    I'm sorry
    I'm sorry for all that ive put you though
    I'm sorry
    I'm sorry for loving you read more »

    Shauna Stump Shauna Stump
  • 89.
    I'm Sorry i love you

    I'm sorry for saying those things
    I'm sorry for calling you 'the thing'
    I'm sorry that you dumped me
    I'm sorry i wasn't good enough read more »

    zoe Christodoulou
  • 90.
    I'm Sorry

    Sweetie, i'm sorry i was so in-your-face
    i'm sorry i'm a mockery
    and that i made you a disgrace
    i'm sorry that i apologised when i didn't mean it read more »

    abi Whitaker
  • 91.
    I'm sorry

    I'm sorry for everything
    Especially for lying
    I'm sorry for winning
    Especially your heart read more »

    Franca Kenneth
  • 92.
    I'm to blame

    I am sorry i could never give you what you needed
    I am sorry that i was just never enough
    I am sorry i just never succeeded
    I am sorry i made life tough read more »

    Ayesha Sartawi
  • 93.

    Sorry for making your day gloomy
    Sorry for making your night unhappy
    Sorry for not being me that you wanted to be... read more »

    Amor Olorvida
  • 94.
    I'm Sorry (dedicated to Danielle)

    I'm Sorry for everything,
    I am sorry I screwed up,
    Sorry I brought you into it by saying I didn't want to live,
    I'm sorry for calling your friend an idiot read more »

    Jonathan Pendley
  • 95.
    I'm Sorry Part 2

    I'm sorry that I'm not the best thing that walked you're way
    I'm sorry that I can't be like her read more »

    Heather Hill
  • 96.

    im so sorry for ever loving you
    im sorry for hurting you
    i loved you more then everyone
    im sorry please for give me read more »

    rachel watson
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